Gules choose pure color, yinger, Zhang Xueying and Yu Yan, bright-coloured and contracted, also more temperamental

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Under the color of pure color, red color also has more temperament and aura show.Figurative red skirt, Zhang Xueying and Yinger’s red shirt and other clothes in the pure color, the integration of some smooth fabric more luster and texture show, there are also some Chinese elements or is integrated with the small fragrance wind, so that the red clothes more vitality and temperament.* Yinger Yinger wear with bright red color, these bright red color in clothing with pure color color, more pure color color simplicity, and a lot of red color enthusiasm and vitality, bright colors bring more enthusiasm, and more vitality;Bright color in the clothing of the ability to apply is quite good, but also appear in the position of the coat, more can set off the face of people more ruddy.In terms of makeup, the clothes matched with red clothes are mainly with bright red lips. The bright color of red lips is combined with the red coat, bringing some color echoes.Delicate makeup in the red lips there is more of a sense of presence, for the overall shape also adds a bit of delicate and generous beauty;Still have the appearance of competent ball head, more a few minutes of competent, agile modelling, more relaxed.On the red clothing, there are some light colors, which add more color contrast to the clothing. The contrast of these colors brings a strong sense of impact, and more impact vitality of some colors.Red is also in and a few light color department and other colors clash color impact, more a few bright, also more a few attract eyeball spot.Undulating lace and a few small sweet wind between the texture of the clothing, to combine each other, more comprehensive style of temperament, on the red clothes, and some metallic material, for clothing added more texture on the material contrast, and the emergence of these waves of lace, let the edge more some romantic and fashion, the characteristics of some design feeling,Adds a bit of energy and romance, adds some impact to the outfit.* Zhang Xue Ying red color with its own bright tone, as well as the impact of color vitality.And these bright red combined with the clothing, more some smooth fabric, smooth fabric on the clothing more some luster;Of burnish appearance and colorific union, increased more costly and expensive gas for dress, also let dress much a few minutes advanced feeling.On the loose red coat, more some Chinese dish buckle and so on, to the red coat belongs to the details of flavour restoring ancient ways, these red and red button on the color is not so prominent, and in such aspects as fabric material more of impact energy, a little more contrast of texture and texture difference;The appearance of the plate buckle, for clothing to increase more Chinese wind breath, there are many taste restoring ancient ways.When paired with the red Chinese-style detail top, there are also some tiger hats to add more cuteness to the whole look, and some white plush edges to add warmth and temperature to the clothing, but also more impact.* yu yan yu say red is the color of the skirt outfit pure color on the garment is given priority to, the colour of the pure color on the clothes to show their own temperament, such a pure color of the dress is more a lot of sense, the presence of clothing more bright-coloured and vitality, also has a smooth fabric, let the dress more some burnish feeling, to dress to add some costly and atmosphere,More class and elegance.Among the red dress, there are some accessories, which add more vitality and detail to the dress, and some bright red parts, which are decorated in the neckline, add more color echo to the dress, and add more vitality and design details to the whole shape.And these red color collocation together of clothing, makeup, with some characteristics and fashion, makeup charm more a bit of charm, there are balls first collocation, more a bit of charm temperament.Gules skirt outfit is under the colour of pure color and the detail that brushs bosom is united in wedlock mutually rise, still have a few slender outline to be united in wedlock mutually rise, and in the position that skirt places, it is the appearance that still has a few irregular modelling to wait more, the design feeling that lets gules skirt outfit is richer.For yu Yan, Zhang Xueying and Ying ‘er, the pure color of red is more elegant and simple, and the appearance of smooth fabric and capable ball head adds more advanced sense and fashion design sense to the clothes.