Xinzhou a middle school three planned to open in advance, the bureau of education to stop

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Have clap friend reflect: yucaimiddle school privately collective make up a lesson, I want to say with everybody, I am a make up a student, the school always gives us collective charge make up a lesson, now Spring Festival holiday hasn’t come to an end, want to give us collective make up a lesson again, really special collapse, isn’t education bureau not let make up?Yuanping Municipal Bureau of Education and Science replied as follows: After our bureau received the public opinion that “Yucai Middle School privately collective make up lessons”, the main leaders attached great importance to it and immediately charged the leaders in charge and relevant departments to investigate and deal with it.The relevant situation is explained as follows: Yucai Middle School had planned to start classes in advance of the third grade, but the Municipal Bureau of Education and Science immediately stopped this behavior, and once again required the compulsory education schools in the whole city to strictly follow the national policy of “double reduction” and relevant documents, and to start classes at the wrong peak time according to the normal opening time.We welcome suggestions from all walks of life, and look forward to your full support and care for the development of Yuanping education.Source Xinzhou, Xinzhou readily take