Why do crosstalk, skits and comedy films make people laugh?

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Poetry said: today, tonight, tomorrow urge next year.Cold goes with the night, spring comes by the fifth night.Air color change, face back in the dark.Scenery people unconsciously, has been in the rear garden plum.The annual Spring Festival is here again.At this time, crosstalk, sketch, comedy TV, comedy movies and other entertainment programs become more active than usual.In particular, crosstalk, skits and comedy films and television works in various Spring Festival Gala programs are the hot topic of discussion in the streets and alleys.If the saint lived in today’s times, how would he view crosstalk, sketch, comedy TV programs?Does he like to listen to crosstalk, watch sketches and enjoy comedy programs?Today, mood gentleman and everyone to talk about this topic.Everything has a name in this world except roads that have no name.If you want to know something, you just need to know its name carefully.Like airplanes.An airplane, as its name implies, is a flying machine or a flying machine.No matter what it looks like, as long as it can fly in the sky, it belongs to the plane.Or take the mouse.Rat represents its appearance like mouse, mark represents its function is to play the role of marking, marking.The role of the mouse on the computer is to mark the use of computer commands.Therefore, in order to understand crosstalk, skits, comedy films and TV plays, first of all, we should analyze their characters, and then combined with the actual situation, we can fully grasp the essence and role of crosstalk, skits, comedy films and TV plays.Let’s cut to the chase.Let’s take a look at crosstalk.Crosstalk, as its name implies, is a portrait of sound and language.That is, to depict the invisible language vivid image.Therefore, crosstalk is the main research object of people’s language.And man’s language is the representative of man’s thought.As the saying goes: words are the voice of the heart.What a man thinks in his heart is what he says in his mouth.There are two layers of meaning, one is to say what there is in the heart, and the other is to say what there is in the heart, but deliberately not to say what, but to express indirectly, or even to say a set of doing a set.But no matter people are consistent or different, what they say on the mouth must be from the heart.The difference lies in the people who are consistent in their heart. The words they say on their mouth have not been processed deliberately and come out directly.And different people, mouth words in the heart of the time after a complex artificial processing.Therefore, it is not a simple thing to paint a picture of a person’s language and make him more vivid, vivid and interesting.He first required the performers to grasp the essence of the ideas behind the language in general, and then to grasp the specific expression of the language.Through careful analysis of the ideas behind the language and the expression of the language itself, it is possible to produce popular crosstalk jokes.For example, crosstalk “Tease you to play” cleverly uses the punning expression of “tease you to play” to make a joke.The thief first told the kid who was guarding the door that his name was “Just messing with you.”When the thief stole the clothes one by one, the child shouted, “Mom, someone has the clothes.”When his mother asked who would take the clothes, the child said the thief’s name, “JUST kidding.”However, the mother did not know that the thief took “Kidding you” as his name, deceiving the child.So, as the thief took the clothes again and again, the child told the mother again and again, “I’m messing with you”, “I’m messing with you”.So the mother was very angry, the results ran out to see, all the clothes were stolen.When asked who took it, the child still said “I’m just messing with you” or “I’m just messing with you”.Traditional crosstalk performers refer to the funny techniques of crosstalk as the burden.Call the clever sport funny technique the jiggle.In fact, crosstalk’s value lies in its baggage.The so-called crosstalk burden is actually the unexpected language and thought.Because it is always unexpected, unexpected, so it can produce humorous, comic effect.For example, in the crosstalk “Ancestral secret Recipe”, a man’s back often itching, he met a quack in the street, to sell him ancestral secret recipe, cure all diseases.So he took out money to buy a recipe, ready to go home to try.As a result, after coming home, the paper package left one layer right one layer to open, and finally found a small piece of paper, the above wrote two words: scratching.Although crosstalk performers are good at shaking bundles, the principle of shaking bundles has long been written down by Lao Tzu in tao Te Ching.Lao Zi said: The chief hears the tao, and acts frequently.The sergeant sniffed, if there is, if there is not.The corporal heard this and laughed.Don’t laugh, not enough for tao.Did you see that? “The corporal laughed.”So, to make people laugh, make sure to create the “Corporal smells the way” scene.Whenever such a scene appears, it will inevitably lead to a burst of laughter, which is the principle of crosstalk.What kind of scene is called “Corporal Smell”?For example, a migrant worker who works on a construction site, no matter what he says or does, is rough and airy, careless.And an office clerk, because of the habit of indoor secretarial work, no matter how to speak and do things are whispering slow voice, gentle text.When the two of them sit at the same table to eat, they set off each other, resulting in the hilarious scene of “Corporal Smell.”For example, in a Dream of Red Mansions, Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden at the beginning.The sketch pepper, for example, creates this scene.In fact, whether it is crosstalk, sketch or comedy, there are only two types of funny jokes, one is the surprise, the other is the staff sergeant.For example, crosstalk “Thieves Company”, on a large number of unexpected funny skills.Both types of baggage are widely used in many classic crosstalk.In the series comedy works of linglong jadeite combination and the series comedy works of flowery flying, these two kinds of funny baggage types are also widely used.The popular Hong Kong nonsense comedy film also relies on the funny way of “surprise” and “corporal hears the way”.The difference between crosstalk and skits and comedy films is that crosstalk is based on language art with a little body movement.The sketch is through a large number of actions with language, in order to achieve funny effect.Compared with crosstalk, skits are mainly body movements with appropriate language art.While the comedy in film and TV series is equivalent to the combined effect of crosstalk and sketch, that is to say, its language art and body movements are in place.It has both verbal art and physical art.Many people see comedians making people laugh through simple acts and assume that making people laugh is easy.That’s not right.The comedian’s intelligence is very high.They must have an overall view of the strategic vision, but also the details of the study of the spirit, but also to have indomitable perseverance.Whenever they create a new comedy, comedians need to create a “surprise”, “corporal hears” situation.This requires them to use superior wisdom to complete the creation.This is a huge drain on their energy.So we see a lot of good comedians who are either very fat, very thin, or very gaunt.That’s what happens when they hurt themselves for the fun of everyone.