The advanced Innovation Center of INTEGRATED circuit was established with the resources of Tsinghua university and Peking University

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An advanced Innovation Center for Integrated Circuits was established in Beijing on February 19, according to the School of Integrated Circuits at Tsinghua University.The center was established with the approval of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. It is jointly established by Tsinghua University and Peking University, and carries out in-depth cooperation with key units of Beijing’s IC industry. It is an important measure for Beijing to serve the national major strategy, deepen the reform of scientific research system and mechanism, and build an innovative highland of IC science and technology.In 2015, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education launched the “Construction Plan of High-tech Innovation Center in Beijing Colleges and Universities”, and the Future High-tech Innovation Center of Tsinghua University was recognized as one of the first batch.Professor at tsinghua university, director of the integrated circuit high-tech innovation centre YouZheng said, multidisciplinary center of tsinghua university to play advantage, constantly explore the research model of interdisciplinary depth fusion, in the advanced storage technology, artificial intelligence chip and MEMS sensor etc, formed from the frontier to the application research on the basis of a series of representative results.In the field of brain-like computing, the first implementation has been completed from the perspectives of “novel brain-like computing chips and systems with heterogeneous fusion”, “neuromorphic chips based on Memristor devices” and “completeness and system hierarchy of brain-like computing”, and the related results have been published in the official issue of Nature for three times.The center concentrates resources to build a world-class open sharing technology platform, introduces experienced professional engineers, and provides all-round technical service support for scientific research talents.In terms of industrialization, the center has incubated more than ten innovative chip enterprises in Beijing, laying a good foundation for promoting the leapfrog development of Beijing’s IC industry.You zheng said that the new advanced IC Innovation Center will gather the elite strength and resources of Tsinghua University and Peking University, and join hands with relevant units of Beijing’s IC industry to form a joint force, and establish a new innovation carrier across the university, industry-university-research link.Tsinghua University is one of the important bases for the cultivation of IC talents and scientific research in China. It has cultivated a large number of industry leaders and achieved a series of landmark achievements representing national level, making outstanding contributions to the development of China’s IC industry.Peking University has a profound research foundation and talent pool, and has achieved a large number of important original achievements with international influence.Relying on the advanced innovation Center for IC, promoting high-level scientific research and high-level personnel training of the two universities to the forefront of Beijing IC industry is of great significance for accelerating the integration of innovation chain, industrial chain and talent chain and supporting the sustainable and high-quality development of Beijing IC industry.Center through the combination of two top universities resources, innovative scientific research organization mode, set up industry guide, to clarify the industry demand, Beijing integrated circuit industry oriented practical problems, from industry support to carry out scientific research tasks, assign to explore new technology path, constructs the application requirements and the original innovation platform of polymerization,To promote the realization of high-quality development mode of technology-led industry, and serve the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center.The center will do a good job in the advance deployment of relevant cutting-edge technology research, break through a number of key core technologies, gather and train a group of high-quality talents.The center is committed to promoting universities to further adapt to the scientific paradigm change.Break through the barriers of production and research, give play to the initiative of universities and industries, accelerate the vertical integration and collaborative innovation of technology chain;Introduce industry representatives to participate in project approval and evaluation to ensure the industrialization realization path and actual industrial value of scientific research achievements;Establish a project manager mechanism to closely align with industry needs in the project management process.The center is committed to cultivating high-level talents of IC urgently needed by the industry.Center will be relying on the advantage of two universities in the field of integrated circuits, deep into Beijing integrated circuit industry, joint training scheme design, reform the course system of integrated circuits, building integrated circuit high-level talents training, d.c., accelerate the innovation chain, industry chain and organic connection and integration of talent chain, strive to cultivate a group of high-level talents of integrated circuits.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)