Shared Courts bring justice to your doorstep

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Liuheng Court properly handled the dispute of 9 members of a gym in Liuheng asking for termination of contract and refund of membership dues through “sharing court”.The short film “Divorce”, filmed by the District People’s Court, was shown in all the “shared courts” of the city……Recently, news about “shared courts” delivering judicial services to people’s “doorsteps” has been reported from time to time.In the Internet age, many things are shared, but the “shared court” is still unfamiliar to most people.Relying on village communities and mediation centers, the “Shared Courts” have introduced information technology equipment to carry out online mediation, remote court hearings, circuit trials, and rule of law publicity, so that people can enjoy judicial services at home.”Shared court” is an extension of “smart justice”.In recent years, courts at all levels have promoted the construction of smart courts and promoted the application of “mobile micro-court” mini-procedures, effectively facilitating judicial convenience.But generally speaking, “trouble in litigation” is still a real problem, especially the “digital divide” affects some middle-aged and elderly people’s sense of access to the convenience of “smart justice”.If we can “litigate” in the village committee and other places close to and familiar with the masses, it will help to eliminate the distance and tension of the parties. The online operation can also get guidance from the staff of the “shared court”, so that the masses can fully enjoy the “digital dividend” of intelligent justice.”Shared court” is also a powerful fulcrum of pluralistic dispute resolution and grassroots governance.In recent years, the diversified Putuo model has been promoted in the whole city, the whole province and even the whole country.The “Shared Court” integrates and deplores such forces as community cadres, stationed grid workers, mediation centers and courts to solve disputes, and focuses on building a working mechanism of data sharing, efficient coordination and overall wise governance, playing a positive role in resolving social conflicts and promoting social governance.Therefore, it is not only a “convenient station” for the masses to participate in litigation, but also an “important outpost” for deepening the governance of litigation sources, as well as a “cloud class” for improving grassroots cadres and masses’ legal literacy, and a “bridgehead” for promoting grassroots effective governance.The construction of “shared court” in our district is in full swing, and its role is increasingly apparent.In order to get through the last mile of “smart justice” and promote the construction of putuo rule of law, the whole society should build consensus, strengthen coordination and linkage, promote the “shared court” to cover all areas, see real results, and enhance the people’s sense of gaining from the rule of law.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: