Life four bitter: hate will, love separation, five Yin incandescent, can not ask

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Hatred will bitter love and can not be turned into hatred, love and can not be turned into hate, these resentment not only hurt themselves, to others will also cause harm.Lust for things is the root of our pain and resentment.And don’t like things to stay together, how also can’t get rid of, make yourself very painful!But once you hate something, you hate it, you want to get away from it, but sometimes even if you hate it, you have to stay with it for some reason.Love separation bitter love separation, literally means that love is not separated.Love is coming together against all odds.Between loving people, hate parting, do not want to separate from each other, want to stick together.People love many things, but love and affection are two different things.When people fall in love, there is joy in love, but there is also pain.But love, there will be a lot of emotional entanglement between two people, just as the poem said that “cut constantly, the reason is disorderly, is the sorrow of parting, not a taste in the heart”.Since ancient times, there have been many men of letters, love and hate entanglements, write moving love poems.From ancient times to the present has also been handed down a sad love story, like Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Sima Xiangru Zhuo Wenjun, Hou Yi chang ‘e and many others are talked about by later generations, spread in the world.Ask what love is, so that a man’s life and death.5 Yin blazing bitter life everywhere is temptation, people in life will always be all kinds of people, colorful things to temptation, temptation to.People will be the eyes can see, the ears can hear, the hands can touch, can feel everything, will be those gorgeous sights and things enchanted.We chase things that don’t fit with who we are, and in chasing those things, we gradually lose ourselves.We feel miserable because we are often blinded by the lure of reality.We often get caught up in the beauty of things, we get caught up in them, we get caught up in the appearance of a food, we buy it, it tastes mediocre, but we buy it anyway.People have desires, desires for food, desires for love, desires for all kinds of things.But desire is often not satisfied, desire is like an elongated rubber band, can not find a fixed position, can not put it on, it will spring back.The pursuit of desire, satisfy desire, is really a very painful thing.But people really have desires all the time, when the desires can not be satisfied, that is when we suffer, to satisfy the desires on the road, you may lose a lot of things.These four bitter, you experienced which bitter, or each bitter experience!