Guangxi: man rides 300 km to take dog home for Chinese New Year, fosters fear eating bad: live not as good as dog

2022-05-06 0 By

Dog is the most loyal friend of human, at least will not betray, will not be sorry master.Dogs are always dogs, but people are not always people, that’s what they say.People and dogs are the same, people are good to dogs, dogs are good to people, whether poor or rich, it will never abandon.Some people treat their pet dogs as family members, eating and living together, taking them to the animal hospital when they are sick, and sometimes caring more than themselves when they are sick.Someone went home for the New Year, afraid that the dog in the foster place to eat well, so with the dog to ride a motorcycle more than 300 kilometers home for the New Year.Recently, netizens broke the news that a man went home for Chinese New Year, but he had no place to put his dog. He was afraid of bad food in the foster place, and it was inconvenient to take a bus.No way can only take him to ride a motorcycle home, this trip is more than 300 kilometers, in order not to let the dog suffer, can do so, it can be seen that their feelings are very deep.On January 30, a man in Qinzhou, Guangzhou, who had kept his dog for two years, was very close to him (▽) because he had to go home for the Spring Festival.So he rode a motorcycle and took his dog home for the Spring Festival, a journey of 300 kilometers.Who would ride a motorcycle home for Chinese New Year if it weren’t for the dog?It was cold and unsafe.The man tied the dog to the back seat, wearing a helmet, and ran along with a bumpy road.The walk was more than 300 kilometers, although the distance was long, but the desire to go home had been unbearable.Even if it is a dog, also want to go home for the Spring Festival, let alone people?Some netizens said: “We should buy a coat for the dog, it looks cold, other home, the dog is gone.”If parents are waiting at the entrance to the village, they can see a pair of people from a distance and a single dog from a distance.In fact, dogs and people are the same, over time, will have feelings, suddenly leave a little unaccustomed.M: I’m very responsible. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have cycled more than 300 kilometers in the cold because of a dog.I think although people have feelings, but still should pay attention to safety, after all, so with the attention of the dog people are not focused, there may be security risks.Some people say that their life is not as good as a dog, other people’s dogs are so concerned to take home for the Spring Festival, and I have not received a blessing.For parents waiting at home, the hope is that the child will bring home an object, not a dog.But people’s ideas are not the same, the Angle of the station is not the same, the idea is very different.Do you envy the dog for having a good owner, or praise the man for being responsible?Leave your opinion, welcome to exchange.