Green not | winter baiyun Mountain and Buddha valley

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Old no baiyun Mountain and Foyu, two scenic spots are near Jinan Longdong.At the beginning of the New Year, on the second day of the New Year holiday, the morning was hazy, I went out of my house and took the subway with Lao CAI. I set foot on this long-cherished scenic spot and had a look.I am familiar with dragon Cave and have visited it several times.Know Buddha valley is in the dragon cave scenic area, has been listed as a plan, want to explore, but did not put into action.And Baiyun Mountain, also in the east of the dragon cave not far away, is a hill in the nearby mountains, the height of more than 650 meters, I know the city’s highest mountain, is fohui Mountain, 460 meters above sea level.Listen to the hiker said, Baiyun Mountain is the highest mountain near the dragon cave alone peak, I did not know such a spectacular peak.After knowing, like a magnet general, in attracting me.In the past, we went to the Dragon Cave by car.Now, it is very convenient to drive from the subway to the vicinity of Longdong.The weather was fine that day. The temperature had risen four or five degrees from minus ten degrees in the previous days. The sun was shining and there was a holiday.The climbers are men and women of all ages, ranging from over 60 to first-year students.To baiyun Mountain, to climb over a flat stone mountain.Pine and cypress shrouds the woods.Weeds and shrubs wither along the road or on the forest floor, and the forest shows green, reducing the loneliness of winter.The sunlight still passes through the gap between the dense treetops, scattering the light on the forest floor, full of spots and shadows, the mountain forest at this moment, romantic mood, do not have a lasting appeal.This is the pleasure of mountain climbing.Trying to climb a snake path through the forest can be difficult in winter, when in summer the path is obscured by thick grass and shrubs.The snake road in the forest, although winding, is not easy to walk, after countless climbers to explore the road, should be the most reasonable one, lead you to the destination without detours.Climbing to the top of the mountain, a ridge appeared in front of the forest, out of the forest, see scattered on the ridge between the pines on both sides of that ray of sunshine, is so bright and warm, the moment of fatigue into nothing.Take a rest, along the ridge turn on the ridge, into the Linhai, fold on another hillside, along the cliff body winding path walk, baiyun Mountain is shown in front of.Keep the pace, standing there in the baiyun Mountain, not far apart, baiyun Mountain to my first reaction, will be associated with a such as China does not note the general alone peak, abrupt independence, mountain precipitous pull, awe-inspiring.I was standing in a position connected with the mountain, while maintaining my own unique charm, which revealed the domineering spirit of standing on a wall with thousands of renren in the magnificent sight.Since ancient times, Huashan road, and this Baiyun Mountain, there is only a way up the mountain.Difficult and difficult to board, no words.Jinan winter after a heavy snow, snow still remains in the mountain road, did not melt away.Invisible, more beautiful scenery, but also added a danger.Some travelers chose to give up for safety reasons.In the climb, there is indeed a risk in the difficulty.Only a short stretch of road paved with stone steps, through the peak of a section like eighteen difficult, straight up straight down, not easy to climb.When nature is full of magic, it also breeds unimaginable human nature.Pieces of irregular stone, protruding from the mountain, forming a natural ladder, although difficult to climb, can always climb along the stone ladder, to the peak.That’s the joy of mountain climbing.Sure enough, standing at the peak of Baiyun Mountain, only feel like standing on a cloud in general, driving fog in the sky feeling.The top of the mountain is a narrow ridge, not long, if 50 friends are up, will be crowded with peaks.At this time, infinite scenery in the scenery of the perilous peak, baiyun Mountain is reflected.Look around, mountains in the center, cliffs bristly;Looking up into the distance, the world is vast, distant mountains embrace each other, mountains stack up, feel is a magnificent picture scroll, pleasing to the eye.Du Fu said, when ling extremely, list of small mountains.This is how it feels at Baiyun Mountain.This is the surprise of mountain climbing.Unexpectedly, unwilling to lose the two children, also climbed to the top of the mountain.The road down the mountain, extremely difficult and dangerous, cost jiuniu Erhu, a safe transfer to the peak under the mountain, began the journey of Buddha valley.When you arrive at Foyu, you will experience a connected mountain. Along the winding stone steps in the mountain forest, you will descend to the valley bottom, where the high mountains stand on both sides and the valley bottom is covered with snow, giving you a winter face.Along the valley bottom of a bank through messy withered bushes bushes, walk to a cliff area, the cliff is Buddha valley.I saw mountains surrounded, peaks set up, pine and cypress green, the environment is unusually quiet.In front of a prominent small cliff head, located in a pavilion, is listening to the waterfall pavilion.So called Yuwang Pavilion, legend has it that Dayu once treated water in this.Towards the cliff pavilion, the valley floor scenery at a glance.As in the summer, the sound of the waterfall vibration vibration, endless ears.Buddha valley waterfall, is a big landscape in the Buddha valley, hence the name listen to the waterfall pavilion.On its north side is the Foyu Waterfall.However, due to the decrease of water potential in winter, from the waterfall into a glacier, white satin flying, magnificent, do not have another scene in mind.The spring water in foyu, with different seasons and different water potential, is transformed into different beautiful states for people to enjoy.That day, many tourists, in addition to us there are other friends and tourists, are attracted to come.Tourists laughed and took photos in front of the glacier.On a frozen stream, several middle-aged women were skating happily, laughing loudly, echoing in the valley.Not far away is Linji Spring, one of Jinan’s 72 springs.Spring in the hillside, along the stone steps, go to the spring, a spring from the gap in the stone wall, a steady stream of goo goo outflow, flow into the cement pool;Then benefit, flow into another cement square pool connected, clear water, see the bottom, can not help but delight.It is not beautiful, and then the spring flow in the stone steps, a layer of ice.And the cement pool is also a bit tattered, which is a real blot on the scenery.Leaving The Lin Ji Spring, we walked to a memorial archway, a wooden structure with four columns standing side by side. The inscription reads “Buddha Valley Scenic Spot”.The archway is really old. From the mottled painted and blurred characters, I can feel the vicissitudes of life like a white-haired old man. The ancient years are disappearing and changing in the valley with the cycle of the four seasons.Buddha cliff statue, Prajna temple in the hillside.Through the archway, along the left stone steps and mu name to find.It was carved and built by the Emperor Wen of Sui.The emperor’s mother was named Li Kutao, who was from Jinan.The Buddhist Emperor Wendi carved a statue of a Buddha shrine on the cliff of Qianfo Mountain, and built a temple carved in Foyu.Now, the Sui Dynasty has long disappeared without a trace, and the Emperor has long become a fleeting passer-by;Prajna Temple has disappeared over the years, leaving not a single tile clean.The courtyard is still there, a relic.Only the statue of Buddha on the cliff is clearly visible, from these complete or broken walls of Buddha, feel in the breath of the Sui dynasty, ear as if heard hammer pliers beat the cliff issued sonorous voice, echoed in the Buddha valley.If you don’t hear that this is the site of the Prajna temple, you can’t imagine that there are traces of the temple.There are two rooms in the courtyard, a modern square, where a middle-aged couple runs a noodle shop that provides simple meals for visitors.Eat a bowl of hot meat noodles, drive away the cold, especially heart foot.Looking at the courtyard, in the hillside, the location is excellent, but the broken courtyard can not help feeling desolate.Walking out of the courtyard, I stood on a high place and looked around the Buddha valley.Buddha valley got its name, naturally because of prajna temple and buddhist shrine statue is famous.On the opposite side of the mountain, there is also a temple dedicated to the goddess Guanyin.The ancients built a temple, all choose in the mountains, it seems that this law, the name is true.Buddha valley scenery is a natural excellent landscape, towering mountains, deep valley, deep pine and cypress.When the spring is gurgling, the stream is trickling.Now, in winter, ice hangs from the cliffs and snow falls on the valley floor;Such as summer, will be the sound of waterfalls, flowers in full bloom, another scene of birds ‘twitter and fragrance of flowers.Back to the cliff area, from a dense forest to the top of the mountain, think of the donkey said, from the south side to see the Baiyun Mountain, said the shape of the baiyun Mountain like a creeping lion, standing to a high point north, as it should be.Then, walking down the mountain snow, through the snow-capped Horseshoe valley, to the flat stone Mountain.”Contemporary Prose” is sponsored by Shandong Prose Society. 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