“Double reduction” policy landing half a year, your children happy?

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In recent years, TV dramas reflecting the education philosophy of the middle class have emerged in an endless stream, such as “Xiao Xiao De”, “Xiao Joy” and “Xiao Parting” are among the representatives.It is not hard to find that the families depicted in these DRAMAS have one thing in common: the parents are very interested in the health and education of their children, no matter what their age.However, behind the parents’ attention to their children, children will also be passive inside, to cater to the expectations of parents and society for them, which is easy to cause a lot of pressure to the growing teenagers.Half a year ago, the country officially implemented the “double reduction” policy.In the past six months, online and offline training institutions have been standardized, and the situation of “reducing the burden in school and increasing the burden out of school” has gradually decreased. For middle-class families, their educational ideas and investment in children’s education are also gradually changing.In 2017, an Indian film called Starting Line sparked heated discussion on the Internet.This film tells the story of a middle-class couple in India, in order to let their daughter receive a good education, pull strings, through the back door, buy a degree, pray to The Buddha, in short, to help her daughter into a famous school story.Although India and China have different social systems, they are both populous countries and have the same educational problems.”Starting Line” has sparked heated discussion in China, not least because the idea that “children should not lose at the starting line” is also deeply rooted in the minds of Chinese parents.In such a concept, many social problems appear, school district housing has been “sky-high”, all kinds of training classes everywhere, not only squeezed the children almost all the rest time, even parents are working and education on both sides of the rush.The phrase “Don’t let your child lose at the starting line” has become a true portrayal of many middle-class families’ educational anxieties.However, long-term high-pressure education ultimately deviates from the original intention of education, and also causes great physical and mental pressure to children.Numerous TV series on the show a lot of such cases: “small willing to” by the “chicken baby” child Yan Ziyou ten years old to five Olympic math lessons, was forced to give up his beloved football, because of the mother’s expectations and hallucinations;In Little Joy, Jo is placed in high hopes and control by her mother and suffers a nervous breakdown after being diagnosed with depression.Against this backdrop, the General Offices of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council issued the Guidelines on Further reducing the Homework burden and off-campus training burden of Students in Compulsory Education in July 2021, which means the “double reduction” has officially begun.The after-school tutoring industry has been cleaned up and subject training on national holidays, rest days and summer and winter holidays has been banned.In march last year, liu tao, starring “grow up with you” television dramas, the parents after the story of a series of laughter with tears, finally understand that children are the parents’ pride, parents to accompany children to grow up together, to create a healthy and happy happy family, let them feel the warmth and companionship.In other words, parents want to give their children a childhood that will heal them for the rest of their lives, which epitomizes the shift in middle-class parenting.To protect children’s health, love needs more “heart” from “Starting line” to “Grow up with You”, from “chick education” to “accompany all the way”.No matter due to the objective environment and conditions, or due to the adjustment of their own educational philosophy, middle-class parents no longer pursue forced education, and schools are now abandoning cramming.One of the reasons is that too much stress can do harm to children’s health, especially their mental health.The Family Education Promotion Law, which was just implemented on January 1, 2022, requires that family education in accordance with six requirements should be carried out according to the physical and mental development characteristics of minors of different ages.One of the six requirements is to pay attention to the mental health of minors.So, how to find the child’s psychological problems in time, to protect the child’s mental health?First of all, pay attention to children’s mental health, adjust their own mentality.Parents are the first teachers of children, and they should start from themselves to protect their children’s mental health.In the face of increasingly fierce competition, parents should adjust their own mentality, calmly look at their children’s achievements, be good at discovering their children’s bright spots and respect their children’s hobbies and choices.Secondly, timely communication, equal listening, respect and understanding.”Acceptance and understanding” is an important way for parents to support their children, to be their “friends” rather than their “leaders”.Treat the child as an independent individual in life, respect and understand the child, listen to the child’s emotions equally, in order to walk into the child’s inner world.Finally, seek expert help.About 21% of children with mental health problems need to be treated, which means that most of the children with mental health problems when they have a problem can obtain the needed help, seek the help of the doctor not only can improve the mental health of children, can also provide resources and support for the troubled parents, if parents find it difficult to solve the abnormal situation,Take them to a counselor or specialist immediately.It has been six months since the implementation of the “double reduction” policy. At the beginning of the New Year, middle-class families are planning their family expenses again. They are exploring effective personalized education methods for their children, and they also need to pay attention to the mental health problems in their children’s growth.Bupa Global calls on parents to pay attention to their children’s mental health. We are committed to providing more preventive and family care services, and we are happy to support the health management of middle class families.Disclaimer: this website is designed and produced by Bupa Global based on internal and external data and information. 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