“The original god” flying color enchant time 77 where?Flying color encut time 77 atractylodes position to share

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Where is the original flying color of god enchant fleeting years?A lot of small partners may not be clear flying color enserious where it is, today xiaobian to bring you the original god flying color enserious antecedent position to share, quick look at it.The original god flying color enchant time 77 atractylode position to share the position of 77 in flying color enchant time activities in light ce zhuang transmission anchor point.At the back, look north to a house, you will see Qi Qi and Atractylodes.The dialogue can be learned that Qi Qi is asking Bai Shu “can you watch fireworks on the roof?”The above is the original god flying color etch time seven seven atractylode position to share all the content, want to know more relevant strategy partners can continue to pay attention to