The old person has emeritus salary, should not save money important?The three old men spoke from their hearts

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Guide language: worked several years, retired finally, feel oneself have emeritus salary, do not need to buy a house, also do not need to buy a car, the money in the hand can free control finally, worked hard all one’s life, relaxed finally, should enjoy the life of old age well, do not need to save money again, be such really?The three old men spoke from their hearts.Liu aunt, 72 years old I and my wife is happy enemy, noisy for a lifetime, divorce said no less than 100 times, he was at the time we every three days to quarrel a fight, a quarrel, but said, divorce, as someone said is the husband and wife of love, there are 100 times to choke the other side of the impulse.It’s not unusual to argue at the end of a bed, and the next day nothing seems to have happened.We have only one son. We give him the best for his education. After he graduates from college, we help him buy a house and get married.My wife and I have a total retirement salary of more than 7,000 yuan, and we have to take out 3,000 yuan to pay the mortgage to our son every month. Our daughter-in-law is also very filial. We are very painful to our grandson.From the birth of our grandson to the university, we worry about the whole process. We spend almost all of our monthly salary on our son and grandson. We have little money left, but we feel very happy.Five years ago, my wife had a tumor and was admitted to the hospital, so my good days ended. My wife’s surgery and rehabilitation cost more than 400,000 yuan, but she refused the operation and said to go home for conservative treatment.We didn’t have any savings, so we spent all our money on our son and grandson, so our son gave us 30,000 yuan. I just asked my grandparents to borrow money from my relatives and friends, and looked for traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for treatment.At first, my wife’s condition improved, but a year later, her condition deteriorated and she left me. What I regret most is that she and I did not save money after retirement. If we had no money, she would not have left me so soon.Now, my health is deteriorating day by day. I have to take medicine every day and spend all my pension every month, with almost no money left. It is not easy for my son to take one day at a time, and I don’t want to bother them.Aunt Song, 68 years old my wife passed away two years ago, I have a son and a daughter, the daughter is relatively well off, the son is not good enough, 30 years old is not married, waiting for our son to get married, my wife and I spend a lot of money on our son.My wife and I have more than 10,000 yuan when we retire. If we don’t spend it on our son, we can save more than 7,000 yuan a month. Both my wife and I are very thrifty.When the child was young, my wife and I worked outside. It was his grandparents who took care of him. We always felt we owed our son everything he needed.After he got married, he wanted to start a business to make a lot of money, although his wife did not agree, I tried my best to persuade his wife to agree, everywhere put together a loan to give his son 300,000 yuan, who knows less than a year, 300,000 yuan wasted, the company closed, his partner fled.Over the years, we spent millions on our son, but his son always didn’t let people worry. The year before last, his wife was hospitalized with heart attack and lost consciousness on one side of her body.In order to take care of him, I fell ill and wanted to hire a nanny, but I couldn’t afford one. My son had to give him 5,000 yuan every month for living expenses. He was not so successful in finding a job.Now, his wife lying in bed, without me, already have three years, I am also a old man, also is not do these things, how I want to son daughter-in-law to personally take care of, I also have no so tired, I said to the son, later can’t help you, I please a nanny to take care of his wife, I was really exhausted, daughter-in-law immediately changed his face, never to see.Now we can not help the children, but become a burden, the son and daughter-in-law disliked, every day to take care of his wife, back pain, his wife’s temper is very fierce, this bitter life will never come to an end.Aunt Zhang, 70 years old, my wife and I have a combined retirement salary of 8000 yuan every month, and our life is very simple after retirement, we can save 6000 yuan every month, our life is very frugal, unlike some people who travel around after retirement, we are poor and afraid, just afraid that one day we will meet with something, no money will be in trouble.At that time, my colleagues also laughed at me: “retired, reluctant to eat, reluctant to wear, can not take away?”I laughed it off, and my wife and I saved money for many years, and bought some financial products, about more than 1 million yuan, we thought we could do nothing later, find a better nursing home, we will not be so angry.We have money to help our child a lot. Our son’s father-in-law needs more than 300,000 yuan for surgery, but they can’t afford so much money at the moment. Our son has just changed his new house and still owes money, so he also has no money.My son called me for emergency rescue. My wife and I immediately went to the bank to transfer 300 thousand yuan to our son. After the operation, his father-in-law was saved from danger.After this, his father-in-law is very optimistic about him, through the relationship between friends, he transferred to another company income doubled, daughter-in-law is more filial to us, nothing to come to see, usually also buy gifts for us.I think if I could not get the money at that time, my son would not have this result, his daughter-in-law would not be so filial to us, there is pay, there is return, I think if there is no money saved, there is no result.Conclusion: from the above examples, the elderly have retirement wages, must save money, do not think that every month has a retirement salary, you can rest easy, enjoy, everything is all right.No matter in what case, the old or should save some money as far as possible, do not think that there is a retirement salary, you can eat up all the money, that is wrong, people have sudden misfortune and happiness, the day has unforeseen circumstances, what situation in the future who also do not know, there is a preparedness to avoid trouble, you say is not?