The “green waist” of the whole network of explosion fire is actually good-looking and bad practice

2022-05-05 0 By

This year’s Spring Festival Gala’s “only this green” took the fire “green waist”, but also the countless women who love the United States bow, all kinds of imitation challenge emerge in endlessly, attracted praise at the same time, small make up have words to say, to practice this waist, must first?Well, take a look at expert advice first!Low back is good, but is essential to professional training low back is the basic skills, one minute on stage, the audience ten years of effort, practicing the waist to do step by step, otherwise light cause muscle damage, serious can cause spinal cord injury, lower limb paralysis, low back can increase the flexibility of the body, but should pay attention to correct posture and professional guidance.Failure to return to the waist after low back may cause lumbar injury and strain.Improper movement, such as not following the correct order of the lower back may cause injury or strain.Children with long bodies can not easily imitate in the low back, the child’s spine needs to bend back, and keep motionless, “in fact, this action has exceeded the normal range of activity, with a certain degree of difficulty and danger”, “practice low back, do not move.However, children are generally more active, easily distracted.For example, when they bend down, if there’s a sound nearby, they might turn their head and look, and that slight movement can cause a 15 degree scoliosis, which can cause — spinal injury.”So, do you dare to imitate easily?