State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., LTD. : To build green and low-carbon development of enterprises in the “energy efficiency + carbon emission” ecosystem

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Recently, under the promotion of State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., LTD., Fujian Xinsen Synthetic Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. relying on the carbon capacity assessment report and Industrial Bank Youxi Sub-branch signed a “carbon e financing” loan contract, in the application of loans to obtain a discount of 50Bp exclusive interest rate.”Saving energy and reducing carbon gives us real benefits.”Xin Sen synthetic fiber company deputy general manager ding Dong said.The landing contract of “carbon e-finance” in the first batch of enterprises in Fujian is an important landing practice of State Grid Fujian Power To promote the construction of “energy efficiency + carbon emission” ecosystem and green and low-carbon development of enabling enterprises.State Grid Fujian Electric Power co., Ltd. is fully committed to serving the “dual carbon” goal. Taking the opportunity of building a provincial demonstration zone of new power system, state Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. is deepening the “dual satisfaction” project of electric power in the new era, deepening the application of “electric E-gold Service”, boosting the green transformation of industrial chain, and providing the combination of “power supply + energy efficiency + carbon asset + finance” for all parties.Cooperate with industrial units to provide credible certificates for enterprises from various dimensions such as low-carbon operation, carbon reduction potential, policy response and green project implementation, assist enterprises to connect green finance and energy efficiency services, and better facilitate the construction of ecological province.Relying on the provincial smart energy service platform, State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. provides electricity carbon data analysis, and yingda Carbon Asset Co., Ltd. issues enterprise carbon capacity assessment report, which provides reference for risk control and interest rate reduction for financial institutions, and introduces green capital in energy consumption.”In close cooperation with financial institutions, we have successfully completed the signing of a 30 billion strategic cooperation credit agreement with Industrial Bank Fujian Management Headquarters, successfully issued carbon capacity assessment reports for four enterprises in Sanming and Quanzhou, and obtained a total of 19.45 million yuan in green loans for three enterprises.”State Grid Fujian Power finance department Lin Ling said.How to grasp enterprise carbon emission data in real time and accurately?This is the key technology to ensure the accuracy of carbon capacity assessment reports and promote the implementation of “carbon e-finance” and other related services.Since 2020, its power depends on the marketing service center, the southeast fujian great energy data center, combined its Chinese academy, metrology institute of fujian province and other units, play the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, to form a technical research team, innovation service system, building electrical carbon analysis control such as building ceramic industry for the pilot, “electrical carbon model”, build the enterprise draw “electrical carbon portrait” of the enterprise,It provides solid data and technical support for the construction of the “energy efficiency + carbon emission” ecosystem.”Government control of the carbon concentration in the control enterprise, rely mainly on self-directed declaration, government entrust the third party inspection, low cost, high efficiency, the problem such as time lag, the third party ability level the good and bad are intermingled, and the current carbon measuring need electricity, coal, natural gas and so on full amount of energy consumption data, and accurate access to data such as coal, natural gas is quite difficult.”According to its marketing service center development department John Bruce yeh of fujian, the priorities of fujian electric power data into full play the advantages of real-time, high frequency acquisition, for carbon enterprise history data and utilization data for correlation analysis, through the data directly measuring electricity enterprise carbon, thus real-time effectively a baseline of carbon enterprise assets and carbon emissions,Assist in carbon emission dynamic prediction, compliance cross verification, peer comparison and emission monitoring and early warning.”This cooperation establishes an evaluation and monitoring system for carbon assets, links energy saving and emission reduction with interest rates and credit, encourages enterprises to actively carry out green technological upgrading such as electricity saving, water saving and energy saving, and promotes low-carbon transformation in various industries, helping to reduce their own costs.After the launch of such services, they are widely welcomed by enterprises.””Said Xiao Lin, deputy general manager of green Finance department of Quanzhou Branch of Industrial Bank.The next stage, its fujian electric power will continue to blaze new trails, to explore the government, enterprises and residents’ energy efficiency service and the control work path of win-win cooperation, deepen the wisdom energy service platform construction operations at the provincial level, to promote “energy efficiency and carbon emissions” ecosystem around the city comprehensive land in fujian, for the enterprise efficient use can provide more diversified products and services,We will better support the transformation and upgrading of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and help stabilize the “six pillars of stability” and “six pillars of protection”, thus providing a strong guarantee for a “good start” in the first quarter of 2022 in Fujian Province.(Meng Dongmei, Ye Qiang, Chen Wu Xiao)