From the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to see the change of the motherland

2022-05-05 0 By

We all saw the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics yesterday, and we had to marvel at the elaborate design and wonderful performances.Comparing the Summer Olympics fourteen years ago, we see great changes!Fourteen years ago in 2008, we successfully hosted the Olympic Games for the first time.Fourteen years later, as we host the Winter Olympic Games again, we have seen great changes in at least two aspects.First, technological progress.This opening ceremony let us feel like a dream, I do not know which is true, which is illusory?Green grass is magic enough, here comes another ice cube!Guide brand of small snowflakes, full of floating snowflakes, and “as big as the mat” “Yanshan snow” olive snowflakes.There are wonderful roller-skating performances, such as dream-like background changes, are breathtaking, jaw-dropping!Wake up in the morning, the Internet began to decrypt the science and technology behind the support, more feel the progress of our country’s science and technology!In 14 years, who would have thought that a country of 1.4 billion people would have such great power?Second, the change of philosophy.I looked closely at the bird’s nest as the cauldron came in, but there was no sign of it.All kinds of conjecture, did not think of two athletes torch to olive branch big snowflakes in the middle so a plug, ignition even if complete!The reason behind this is actually low carbon!Simplicity is not simple!Short is more substantial.The games proposed the concept of “carbon neutral”, reflecting the simplicity of the wind everywhere.Who would have thought that such a huge project, involving so many countries and people, could be so exciting that we could reduce carbon and prepare for sustainable development at the same time?The opening ceremony did not mobilize so many personnel, did not mobilize so many resources, and let everyone feel more imposing, more wonderful!Savor, there are many changes, but one thing, that is, our country is getting stronger and stronger!