Congratulations!Gu Ailing won the silver medal in free skiing slalom, but her opponent was too strong

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Congratulations!Gu Ailing won the silver medal in free skiing slalom, but her opponent was too strong.At 9:30 am On February 15, Beijing time, the final of freestyle ski slopestyle was staged as scheduled.China’s gu Ailing.Gu won the silver medal with 86.23 points, only 0.33 points behind the first place, thanks to her excellent performance in the third round.Today’s competition was very intense, the competitors all performed very well, constantly challenged the highest difficulty, all achieved success, mainly depends on the finish score of the slide.In the first round, Gu was steady and did not have too much difficulty. Finally, she got 69.90 points thanks to her excellent finish.The first round was topped by Gu’s biggest rival for gold, Estonian Jelena Silsilu, who scored 82.06 points.In the second round, the players made it even harder.Gremaud of Switzerland, the first player to compete in the competition, made a mistake in the first round and ranked 12th in the preliminary round, but he performed well in the second round and scored 86.56 points, vaulting to the top.Gu made a major mistake in the second round, scoring only 16.98 points.At the end of this round, Gremaud of Switzerland ranked first, and Estonia will continue to rank second with the first round score.Gu fell to no. 8.In the final round, Gu went for it, sliding with no mistakes but slightly less difficulty, and finished with a high score of 86.23, while the rest of the skaters did not change their scores to take the silver medal.The competition was too strong and haphazard.Gu has played to her full potential.Congratulations to Gu Ailing, gu Ailing still has the halfpipe competition behind her, and this event.Her strength is also very excellent. We continue to cheer for Gu Ailing and look forward to her better performance in the following matches.Congratulations to Gu Ailing, another silver medal for the Chinese sports delegation!