Working more than 13 hours a day for nurse Shi Xiu to fight the epidemic

2022-05-04 0 By

Nucleic acid testing is an important part of an effective response to COVID-19.Shi Xiu, a nurse from the Municipal People’s Hospital, has been working continuously for more than 13 hours every day since Last September as the temporary head of the nucleic acid collection site on Xingcheng Tiyu Road, making a contribution to the epidemic prevention work of the city.The prevention and control of the epidemic is a nationwide action without any bystanders. Countless medical workers like Shi Xiu, who stick to the front line of the fight against the epidemic, keep to their original aspiration, shoulder their mission, and build a defense line of health for the masses with selfless and fearless dedication to protect the safety of Xingning.I would like to pay high tribute to all the workers involved in epidemic prevention and control.