What I learned from “The Second Bloom” is far more true to please myself than to please anyone else

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Person’s life, to live in this in this world, busy, suantiankula, both men and women, old and young, whether poor or rich will have their own happiness, also has its own sadness and difficulty, but life also is infinite changes, things change, not because you like, happy will always happen, also won’t because you hate, trouble is less.Pain is universal, and life can’t be perfect or always perfect.With this insight, we can finally relax, not rush to escape, blame, or even try to resolve, because we know that as long as we have this body, we must experience old age, sickness, and death;As long as there is greed, hatred, confusion and arrogance in our hearts, we are bound to feel pain.If you treat pain purely as a negative experience and try to avoid it, or if you treat pain as a sign of failure, if you’re competent enough and everything is flat, there won’t be pain.If you think this way, there is no doubt that you will feel overwhelmed, anxious and unfair when problems and setbacks arise.Together is happy, but the world does not come to an end of the feast, together with the happiness of the implied pain of separation;Love is happy, and love is easy to keep difficult, the happiness of love hidden quarrels, suspicion, resentment pain;It is pleasant to be young and beautiful, but years grow old mercilessly. The joy of youth implies the pain of growing old;Being a parent is happy, but the petite fragile life to bring up adults, how much energy to pay.Only when you become what you imagine, the world will become what you want.In the second Day blossom, self-obsession is explained in this way. Self-obsession refers to the belief that both oneself and the external world exist absolutely and always without observing conditions.In fact, all things are not as solid as they are supposed to be, but depend on various internal and external conditions to rise and fall constantly, and therefore have no inherent, constancy, i.e., no self and impermanence.With the vision of self – absence, self – attachment will gradually weaken after repeated observation, practice and recognition.For example, in my love life, I used to put my happiness on my husband. Due to my excessive dependence on him, he often felt that I was useless and a burden to him. However, after we lived together for a few years, he began to cheat on me.For myself, I was lost in my obsession, and his betrayal was a fatal blow to me, because I thought he was the perfect man who loved me before, but when I found that he did not love me, I collapsed and felt helpless, and even doubted myself and my future life.I don’t think so, people’s happiness is given by themselves, the road of life is our own choice, so whether good or bad have to go through their own, the world can only say that there will be changes under the efforts of people, but changing yourself is the best way, isn’t it?Therefore, we do not need to change the world, certainly can not change the world, as long as we can adjust their own heart, let yourself in peace with nature, in fact, will solve most of the contradictions and pain of life.It would be foolish to abandon hope and despair in the face of a life that does not lack pain.There is a story in Zhuang Zi: One day, Zhuang Zi wanted to visit Hui Shi in the city. Before he arrived, Hui Shi’s men told him: “Zhuang Zi tried to steal your phase. Hui Shi was so alarmed that he sent his men to look for Zhuang Zi in the city for three days without finding him.When Zhuang Zi heard this, he said to Hui Shi, “There is a bird in the south. On its way from the South China Sea to the North Sea, it drinks no water except spring water, eats no food except bamboo, and never rests in any tree except plane trees.An owl caught a dead mouse, looked up at the bird, and said, “Are you trying to rob my dead mouse?'” A lot of times the problem is not necessarily the actual problem, it is just your inner obsession, too attached to a certain phenomenon.Although we often say that life is too short, what we really feel in our hearts is that there are still many days ahead. There are plenty of opportunities for what we want to do. What’s the hurry?People always think that impermanence is far away from them. Let alone saying that other people’s death is irrelevant to them, even if they encounter major changes, such as illness or the death of relatives or friends, it is difficult to fundamentally change their habitual neglect of the basic fact of impermanence.People grew up along the way, no matter in which age, actually can have their own confusion, during that time, really very difficult, but we can do is to choose through life will always have many not equal to idea of time, will be hit by some unexpected things, there will be disappointed at life,And the more in these times, the more we must learn to relax ourselves. A person who does not know how to relax himself is doomed to get real happiness.The first lesson to learn is to relax, to allow your mind to connect with the outside world, not to seek any state or outcome, but to live in the present moment.Life can not be smooth sailing, there is no need to be sad, depressed.There are a lot of unpleasant things in the world. If you live too tired and do not know how to relax, and cause your heart to breathe fresh air, how can you capture the rare scenery and understand the wonderful life?The book “Second And First Bloom” came out and was deeply loved by everyone. It has become a treasure book of inspiration for many people’s work, soul, cultivation and life, helping many people get out of trouble and understand the true meaning of life.I remember, Fan Deng commented: “In the second Bloom, I know for the first time what is true freedom.The way to read this book is to open a page at random and read on.Life is always less good fate, more evil fate, after tasting the eight bitter life, more people are looking for the way of liberation, this is xi a Rong Bokhenbu wrote this book, to promote the meaning of Buddhism.He is following the footsteps of the guru, on the road of cultivating and rehabilitating sentient beings, letting more people hear the Dharma, letting the Dharma resolve the suffering of sentient beings, letting people view the world with the Dharma, and understanding the meaning of life and the value of survival!All the road of life is a gradual process, no matter living, line, love, old, sick, death and so on, are second and first line, only second bloom, to bloom to see Buddha!If you are also unhappy and bumpy in life and are in the continuous confusion after failure, this book “Second First Bloom” is like a loyal friend, through the Tibetan spirit to keep the secret of joy, get the inspiration of happy life!A book costs less than a meal, but it lets your mind see the world: