Wei Yan’s four words before she was killed, which had been ridiculed for thousands of years, have now become a catchphrase

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At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, “heroes of all kinds” often appeared in Chinese history, including Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang.Each of them was a “great man” of his time, with a legend to tell.Leave a glorious night in history, enough for future generations to worship, become their fans.There are those who succeed, and there are those who fail, who come to a miserable end.Take Wei Yan, the general of Shu, for example. Many people have different views on him and think that is the end of his change.Wei Yan was killed before Shouting four words, so that later generations laugh at, now also become a catchphrase.01 The great effect of celebrities Many celebrities because of their special status, sometimes casually out of a sentence, will cause great reflection on the Internet.Some public figures will be laughed at by countless netizens if their words and deeds are inappropriate.Former US President Donald Trump is the biggest “beneficiary”, some of his antics, speech videos have been imitated, quite popular.The words wei Yan said before his death have been remembered by later generations, largely because of his popularity.Itself belongs to shu five tiger generals, the ability is strong enough, to use a word: this son six towers three lures all can, ten thousand improper brave.Give him a good future, but one weakness is lack of loyalty.Not as good as Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun, so the rulers were very careful with their use.Because he did not win the absolute trust of Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan’s career was limited to some extent.It is difficult to be as important as Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.After all, in some cases, will be framed by some crooks, affecting their official position.Every dynasty always has such a minister, obviously very capable, but can not be important.In his early years, When Liu Bei was still a young man, Wei Yan was very fond of him and admired his fame.There were a lot of people who wanted to follow Liu, and to work for him, you had to make a difference.At that time, he followed Liu Biao and could only wait for his chance. When the Lord died, the situation changed greatly.Relatives in the family conspired together in an attempt to sacrifice Jingzhou in exchange for prosperity and wealth.This move was rejected by Wei Yan flatly, and there was a big conflict between the two sides, trying to open the city gate to receive Liu Bei.But because Liu strength is not strong, there are others to block, the matter did not succeed.In order to save his life, Wei Yan went to another warlord, just waiting for the opportunity.After the Battle of Chibi, the Han Dynasty was officially divided into three kingdoms, and Liu Bei began to actively “expand his career”.At that time, they were mainly concentrated in the southwest. Liu took advantage of the “trend” of the Red Cliff Battle to occupy Jingzhou and began to recover other places.Guan Yu, general of Shu, attacked Changsha and fought with huang Zhong, a fierce general.There are victories and losses between the two sides, because they appreciate each other and show mercy to each other, causing the officer to suspect, under great anger to kill Huang Zhong.At the critical moment wei Yan stood up and contacted others to rebel. He not only saved Huang Zhong, but also killed his superiors.It was equivalent to using a city to take refuge with Liu Bei, which was a great gift. According to common sense, it seemed to be of great merit to Shu Han.However, in order to deter Wei Yan, Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang played a double game. One party wanted to behead wei Yan, and the other tried to appease Him.In this way Wei became a senior general under Liu Bei and followed his master in fighting.In Zhuge Liang’s view, this person is a “dangerous goods”, in fact, can not be reused.However, there was a shortage of people at this time. Even though Wei Yan betrayed his master several times in the workplace, his loyalty was doubted greatly, he still had to be reused.So Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei agreed to sing a double reed to frighten him.After all, Wei Yan was really capable and needed him in battle.In the process of establishing the state of Shu, Wei was put in an important position and Liu Bei trusted him.When hanzhong was captured, he was assigned to guard the place, marking his becoming a trusted general.Just as guan Yu guarding Jingzhou is arranged, border areas are not trusted by rulers guarding towns, which is the same truth.As a matter of fact, Wei lived up to his Lord’s trust and ruled Hanzhong for more than 20 years, making it like an “iron wall”. Wei did not dare to invade it.To some extent, it is equivalent to “half the Great Wall”, making great contributions.If this situation continues to be maintained, Wei Yan’s life will be very smooth and there will be no future problems.However, after more than 20 years, great changes took place in the political situation of Shu. In order to avenge Guan Yu’s death, Liu Bei rushed to attack the state of Wu.As a result, he lost the battle and died of illness in the White Emperor City.After this, Zhuge Liang carried out the northern expedition according to his plan to pacify the whole country. During this period, Wei Yan put forward a good plan, but it was not adopted.This made Wei depressed and frustrated for a long time. He complained and his attitude changed greatly.With the death of Liu Guan Zhang, the respect for Zhuge Liang from the past began to become somewhat unconvinced.After all, his loyalty was to Liu Bei, and now that Liu was dead, no one in Shu seemed able to hold him down.Fortunately, he remained loyal to Shu and did a lot of good work.However, one person appeared to change this “balance” situation, that is, Yang Yi under Zhuge Liang.Everyone has one or two “political enemies” in the workplace. That was fine, but Yang went too far.At ordinary times, wei was humiliated in every way, and the relationship between the two sides was very bad, with considerable contradictions.Fortunately, zhuge Liang’s mediation in the past enabled peaceful coexistence.After Zhuge Liang died, the conflict between the two reached its peak because there was no mediator.Yang Yi did things really too much, forcing Wei Yan completely urgent, heart a horizontal simply want to “forced palace”.By dealing with Yang Yi, the real purpose of shu wants to be the “number one”.In his eyes, Zhuge Liang died, he is the most prestigious shu people, simply do things become reckless.Fortunately, Zhuge Liang had arranged something for Jiang Wei and Ma Dai.At that time Wei Zai horse that is very arrogant, Shouting, who dare to kill me?But madai replied, “I dare kill you.”Immediately cut him off with his sword to ensure that the Shu army would not be divided among themselves.Although Wei Yan did not succeed in rebellion, the four words were completely popular and became a sarcastic sentence mentioned in arrogance.In a way, Wei Yan was a sad man. If he met a master who lived longer, he might be able to suppress his inner ambition.I am afraid that can not fall a so miserable end, at least to be able to escape, can only say that everything has its own day doomed.For future generations, wei Yan’s lessons must be learned, at least to be self-aware, to avoid losses in the workplace.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!