Reflections on Life

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Social progress in your life is too hard to understand if fraud are often lies always sound more young woman gouhun men as self-respect, if a man sentimental woman will be careful with money is a good cost route to distinguish material too tempting greed will desperately social work in progress be careful spread positive energy develop traditional kind good Dan justice most sincere life need the path virtue when happy first love a person love to return to the f to small good or evil and cannotProud to see light down to underestimate and line and cherish ShangAn is thought people live a face to a tree’s skin for relief Buddha for a wick sweet life for a lifetime potentials do not make all right do not use the do not enjoy cheap do not as smart save half for myself to save half for children and grandchildren home before five bucket is not expensive grandchildren Jin Rensheng health is dull qing years peace seems really silver house and to all the xingjiaFailure must not stop day after day how many years after year to waste a bright future is often happy to turn around the road to Ming De plan to be thoughtful to put down resentment don’t entanglements and do and cherish and go with the fate gradually gradually go away gradually put down don’t take evil for small don’t take good for small and not to do a good man is the most true