Pity!Wang Qiang of Chongqing was disqualified for foul play after reaching the semifinals

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Wang Qiang of China competes in Beijing, Feb 8, 2018.Chongqing cross-country skier Wang Qiang advanced to the quarterfinals of the men’s individual short distance event of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 8 at the National Cross-country Ski Center, and finally won the second place in his group with 2:49.64.According to the rules, the result should have qualified for the semifinals, but was later ruled out of the game.This is the first time for chongqing athletes to participate in the Winter Olympics.Qualification, Wang Qiang started the third, the scene rang out loud cheering sound.Wang qiang showed his explosive power as he set out, driving the snow with his poles, leaving a trail of snow mist behind.Finally, Wang Qiang ranked no. 5 and successfully advanced to the quarterfinals.In the quarter-final, Wang Qiang started in group 4. After starting, Wang Qiang was in the fourth following, and once caught up with the first, and finally crossed the finish line in 2:49.64.The audience broke out a warm applause, with this result, Wang Qiang will enter the semi-finals, to ensure that into the top 12, will also create China’s cross-country skiing in the Winter Olympics the best result!But since then, the referee declared that Wang had committed a foul during the match and cancelled his result.The Chinese team immediately appealed, but the semi-final went ahead as wang qiang was ruled out, according to tournament officials.The game was broadcast live on China Central Television, and commentators were baffled by the decision.”What a pity!What a breakthrough it could have been!It would have been the best if it hadn’t been cancelled!”Netizens who pay attention to Wang Qiang and the Chinese Army sigh.Previously, the Chinese team’s best result in this event was 21st.Wang qiang’s next race will be held at 15:00 on 13th, when he will take part in the men’s 4× 10km relay.