Ouyang Xiu wrote in the Lantern Festival words, deep emotions wan, romantic yun, one of them is eternal

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Among the eight masters of the Tang and Song dynasties, there were two in the Tang Dynasty, namely Han Yu and Liu Zongyuan.There were six people in the Song Dynasty, and ouyang Xiu was the first one.At that time, he was the leading figure in the political and literary circles of the Northern Song Dynasty. He was once a deputy prime minister in politics. He wrote more than 800 poems, more than 200 ci poems and more than 500 prose poems, which was the most important founder of song poetry, Song ci poems and Song prose.However, Ouyang xiu’s life was not smooth sailing.His father died at the age of four, and his mother, Zheng, taught him how to read.In 1030, in the eighth year of the Reign of Emperor Renzong, at the age of 23, Ouyang Xiu began his career as an official with the pianti prose, which he did not respect.Finally, she was in her 40s and her career was in full bloom. However, in 1046, she was banished to Chuzhou due to gossip. Only then did she have records of the Drunkard Pavilion: “Chuchuzhou is a mountain.Its southwest peaks, Lin Gully especially the United States, hope of the ulran and deep show, Langya also.Walking six or seven li in the mountains, I gradually heard the sound of water flowing out between the two peaks, and niang Spring is also there.Peak turn, pavilion wing ran in the spring, drunkard pavilion also.”Since then, the name “drunk weng”.What is the truth?Ouyang Xiu’s sister, Ouyang Shi, married a man named Zhang Guzheng, who had lost his wife and had an only daughter.In other words, ouyang Xiu’s sister Ouyang shi was called “mother” as soon as she got married.But, the matter also coincidentally, before long, the little girl’s biological father Zhang Guzheng died, Ouyang family took the little girl to take refuge in the elder brother Ouyang Xiu.The little girl called Ouyang Xiu “uncle”. Under the care of her uncle, she gradually grew up and was temporarily called Zhang Shi.Under the arrangement of Ouyang Xiu, Zhang married ouyang Xiu’s distant nephew Ouyang Sheng, who knows Zhang and Ouyang Sheng’s manservant ogle, Ouyang Sheng angrily sent two people to kaifeng Mansion right army patrol house.Kaifeng Yin Yang Riyan took advantage of the issue to retaliate against Ouyang Xiu, and with Ouyang Xiu’s “Looking south” as evidence, fabricated Ouyang Xiu and Zhang’s “adultery”.Of course, the final result of the investigation was that Ouyang Xiu was innocent. However, at that time, Ouyang Xiu served as a remonstrance officer in the imperial court.Of course, these people could not give up and eventually banished him to Chuzhou for the trumped-up crime of “using Zhang’s money to buy land” and became the governor of Chuzhou.Ouyang Xiu is not only a loyal and honest man who dares to declutter generously, but also a master of poetry.He wrote a lot of colorful words.For example, the poem sheng Cha Zi, written on the Lantern Festival, is widely sung.Health check son • Yuan Night last year, the flower market lights such as day.On the willow tip head, people about dusk.Yuan Night this year, the month and the lamp is still.See last year, tears wet spring shirt sleeve.Solution: “health check child” original name “health hawthorn child”, the original Tang Jiao Fang song, after using for ci tone, the word to write depression uneven feeling.Also called “phase and willow” and “river” meixi river “cross” “on the safety,” “fairy in this” “sorrow” pretty “green skirt of thin silk” “ChuYun deep” “and liu mei” “fine color into the castle peak” and so on.The title is Yuan Xi, also known as the Lantern Festival.The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month.Since the Tang Dynasty, there has been a folk custom of watching lanterns and enjoying the moon and dancing.In the Northern Song Dynasty, there were three days from the 14th to the 16th, and sometimes five days.These days open curfew, officers and civilians swim lights street flower market, all night singing and dancing, unprecedented grand occasion.Young people take advantage of this opportunity to sing and dance, private trysts, love each other.Yuan Night: The night of the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival is also the Lantern Festival.2. Flower market: a folk market for selling and admiring flowers in spring every year.Lights like day: Lights like day.According to the Song Dynasty Meng Yuanlao “Tokyo Menghualu” volume six “Yuanxiao” contained: “Yuanxiao, on the 15th day of the first lunar month…Lantern mountain color, jinbi shot, splendid.”This shows the flourishing scene of Lantern Festival at that time.3. On the month: a “month to”.4. See: See.5. Tears: A “full of tears.”6. Spring clothes: Clothes worn by teenagers, which also refer to your younger self.”Last year when the Yuan Yuan night, the flower market lights such as day.On the willow tip head, people about dusk.”Four sentences, 20 words, simple and clear, close to the vernacular but endless flavor.On the night of last year’s Lantern Festival, the lanterns in the street stayed on all night, shining like day.A moon hanging in the willow, a pair of beautiful women meet after dusk.Last film through the memory of the past festival, remember last year in the bustling market together to enjoy the lanterns, when the lights dim, hiding under the willow trees to meet the past.The first two sentences describe the reason for the date. The last two sentences describe the situation of the date.Use “the person makes an arrangement dusk” echo “on the month willow tip”, lingering affection thinks to be like picture scroll spread in the lamp shadow is rich in, see the author diction sentence very seiko fine cut.The author uses two verbs, “up” and “about,” to describe the beat of emotion, emotional heartstrings are stirred by the moon, attracting people to think.Again used two azimuth noun “head” and “hind”, foil the infinite worry that gives two leading roles, these worry all hide in the willow tip head after dusk, read of sweet charming.”This year, the moon and the lights are still the same.See last year, tears wet spring shirt sleeve.”The next film is also four sentences, twenty words, only echo the previous film.On the night of the Lantern Festival this year, I came to enjoy the lanterns again. All the scenes were so close to last year. The moon was still in the willow tip, and the lights were as bright as daylight.But only one less you, a tear wet clothes.The beginning sentence of the next film is only one word different from that of the last film, creating an atmosphere of missing the deceased.This night this lamp, this willow this month, but there is no “this person”, touching the scene, things are different, old feelings unforgettable, no wonder let a person “tears wet spring unshirted shirt sleeve”.The next film also used two verbs “see” and “wet”, originally the eye is the sweetheart, but a year to see, the situation reversed, you are still in my heart, I can no longer see once the “eye”, emotion plummeted, so it will be into the eyes of the acacia tears.The tears came from my heart’s yearning for you, which gushed out from my eyes, and the waves of emotion rose and fell, breaking my heart.From “on” to “see”, from “people about dusk” to “tears wet spring shirt sleeve”, this world without love, how painful.”Between the world, love is what, straight teach life and death mutually assured.”The world’s most hurt people is probably this “love” word.This poem has been compiled into “heartbroken words”, that is the Song Dynasty Zhu Shuzhen made, more even, transplanted for Li Qingzhao made.According to the Jin Dynasty “Song Famous ci” sixty-one kinds, “Liu Yi Ci” is in it.Chen Tingzhuo of the Qing Dynasty, in the Poem Community Cong Hua, thought: “Yu called the ancients to trust the words of love, gratuitous and unwarranted, not necessarily.”He thought the song was “Young-shu Young Pen ink.”Wang Guowei praised Ouyang Xiu’s “jade Lou Spring” word in “Human Words”, said Yong Shu “the world is sentient chi, this hate is not the wind and moon”, “straight must see all luoyang flowers, the beginning of the spring breeze is easy to don’t”, Wang Guowei said Ouyang Xiu word wind “in bold and undaunted with calm, so especially high.”This song is written in the Lantern Festival “born check son”, in terms of period flavor, is full of northern song dynasty height prosperity of urban cultural life, from ouyang xiu individual disposition, pure and fresh and righteous word wind, emotional deep wan, forthright, bold but not every trial, emotion in scene, colourful, without her love, on the Lantern Festival, “month LiuShao head, about dusk after people” by the way,Still read by many readers.A poem written by Ouyang Xiu in the last month of the twelfth lunar month. It is a poem written by Qin Guan, which is beautiful in rhyme, poetic and picturesque, just like falling into a dream when the snow melts away