On the second day of the lunar New Year, he returned to his mother’s home and became his father’s farewell

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A year ago in the supermarket to buy New Year’s goods also greeted uncle Zhang, the first three people lost, surprised to sigh life is fragile, cherish life is really too important.Uncle Zhang in his 70s, hypertension for many years, the second year of the Chinese New Year, two daughters, two families of seven, plus the son of a family of three, a reunion together very lively, usually seldom drink when he was happy to have a meal at noon even drank a few cups, the meal was not finished shout dizziness headache, head fell down next to the table.His family hurriedly pulled out 120 and sent him to the hospital, diagnosed as acute cerebral hemorrhage and bleeding in the brain stem, he was told that there was no way to go back, he left in the middle of the night, the whole family experienced great joy and sorrow in one day.It is certain that Uncle Zhang’s cerebral hemorrhage is related to hypertension for many years. Turning over the records of his blood pressure monitoring in recent years, it is shown that blood pressure control can be calculated, and occasionally high is mostly about 160/100mmHg. Will such blood pressure cause cerebral hemorrhage?Or was it caused by his drinking?But there are some people in life, blood pressure over 180/110mmHg nothing feeling, no blood vessels;Some people know that they have high blood pressure, do not drink every day is uncomfortable, and did not like Uncle Zhang as a result of the death, this and how to explain?The occurrence of intracerebral hemorrhage has reason to have fruit, clinical statistics show: more than 60% is caused by hypertension, so often someone asks: how much is blood pressure too high to meet intracerebral hemorrhage?Medically speaking, when more than 180/110 MMHG blood pressure for three levels of high blood pressure, belong to high risk of blood pressure, there is the risk of vascular rupture occurred at any time, the reason that some people feel no discomfort under such a state of blood pressure, no cerebrovascular rupture occurred, is a silver lining, the second is that sentence “isn’t a report not, time is not to”, why?High blood pressure does not happen one or two days, there is a gradual rise in the process, similar to the truth of not smelling its odor for a long time, the body will gradually increase blood pressure has certain adaptation, there will be no obvious discomfort;Human blood vessels are also flexible and do not burst within the range of blood pressure they can withstand.But continued high blood pressure, like excessive inflatable tires can accelerate ageing, blood vessel’s capacity to withstand high blood pressure is falling, is likely to occur in the absence of the original high blood pressure burst, and don’t know when it will happen, so let the three-level hypertension persist, equivalent to the body buried a time bomb, the consequence is unimaginable.So as long as the blood pressure does not exceed 140/90 MMHG, such serious consequences do not occur?Active blood pressure control can reduce the risk of this outcome and is closely related to blood pressure control goals.It should be noted that blood pressure above 120/80 MMHG can cause minor damage to blood vessels, and 140/90 MMHG is a minimum requirement, which means that keeping blood pressure below 120/80 MMHG as much as possible will help minimize the risk of serious consequences.People who often listen to hypertension, especially older people, do not think that with the increase of age, high blood pressure is very normal, as long as it is not too high.In fact, a growing number of studies have confirmed that the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events can be reduced by an additional 26% when the systolic blood pressure of 60-80 years old is controlled at 110-130 MMHG compared with 130-150 MMHG, which is tolerable and safe for most people.As for the role of drinking in the occurrence of intracerebral hemorrhage pressure, it is only a inducing factor, on the basis of the occurrence of vascular lesions, strong stimulation of the diseased blood vessels or the consequences caused by blood pressure fluctuations, the bottom reason lies in the damage of long-term hypertension to blood vessels, so it is important to strictly control blood pressure.In short, how much higher blood pressure will lead to cerebral hemorrhage, which mainly depends on whether hypertension is effectively controlled at normal time. At the same time, dangerous behaviors that lead to blood pressure fluctuations should also be put an end to, such as drinking, forced defecation, lifting heavy objects, emotional and so on.Life is only once, cherish it!I haven’t stopped drinking for decades. Should I stop drinking when I’m in my 60s or 70s?How about drinking a little less?# How high does blood pressure have to be for a brain hemorrhage?#