New Wuling Capjie road test report: new engine, easier overtaking, front and back can lie flat

2022-05-04 0 By

With the seat layout concept of “big four seats”, Wuling Capeche successfully “outpaces” in the 100,000 class family car market, and has achieved the monthly average sales of 10,000 units within two months of its launch.In order to further expand market share, Wuling officially launched an upgraded version of Capgemini — Capgemini 280T this year. So what different experience can the new car bring to us?Just a period of time before the media on the new car road test evaluation, the author today to take this to chat.It is reported that The new Capgemini 280T officially launched by Wuling is mainly adjusted for power, intelligent network connection and other parts, so today we focus on these two parts.After all, this is also an aspect that many consumers are concerned about when buying a car. The Capgemini 280T is equipped with a new 1.5T turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 177Ps and a maximum torque of 290N·m. Compared with the models sold, the horsepower and torque are respectively increased by 30Ps and 40N·m.In addition to the increased horsepower, the high-powered 1.5T engine also features industry-leading 350Bar high-pressure common rail technology, which enables faster power output by optimizing the air port design so that the turbine kicks in at 1000rpm and achieves maximum torque of 290N·m at 1500rpm.In terms of actual performance, capgemini 280T’s initial acceleration is indeed more powerful, and the throttle is more sensitive in the early stage, which requires some time to get used to.Driving at 50km/h to 80km/h on urban roads is still quite powerful and the overtaking process is much more “aggressive” than before.However, to say one thing, the matching set of simulated 8-block CVT gearbox is still familiar to us. When accelerating rapidly, the downshift is slightly delayed. Fortunately, the explosive force in the middle and rear segment is sufficient to fill the embarrassment at this time.In addition, the 280T also optimizes the overall power system’s quiet performance by adjusting the position of the pistons and crankshafts and reducing the sound of the pistons striking the cylinder block with a positive bias design.At the same time, the addition of silent steel plate also reduces the noise transmission in the engine operation process.In practice, the engine noise in the passenger compartment has been reduced compared to that on sale.However, to say one thing, when the speed reaches more than 100km/h, the wind noise is slightly obvious, of course, combined with its price is understandable.As for the chassis aspect, the suspension adjustment of Capjie 280T is still inclined to give priority to comfort, which can thoroughly filter out the fine vibration from the road surface, but when encountering larger potholes, or the road surface with complex road conditions, the chassis will still have redundant shaking.But to be fair, that’s normal at this price.So much for the dynamic aspects of the Capgemini 280T, let’s move on to the static part, the appearance as part of the opinion, let’s not go into details, focus on its intelligent network and space.In today’s intelligent technology, the multimedia part is the main tool for users to obtain entertainment and information when using the car, so its existence is also crucial.The Ling OS system developed by Wuling is added to Capgemini 280T, which provides a wealth of connected applications, such as online music, online navigation, Himalayan FM, Wuling radio, etc., which can meet the needs of most people’s cars.Finally, in terms of space, an experiencer with height of 176cm was taken as an example to sit in the main driver’s seat and adjust the sitting position. At this time, there was still 1 punch in the head space.Came to the rear, capgemini 280 t, the second row seat has a 560 mm sliding distance, before and after the leg space is abundant, there are 4 refers to the head space, it is worth mentioning, capgemini 280 t in the first row and second row seat can be put to lie flat, when road, can act as two single beds, joint set the seat curve of human body engineering, is to let it have a better comfort.In general, the dynamic performance of The Wuling Capgemini 280T is good. The enhanced power gives users more confidence in overtaking, but the throttle adjustment is sensitive, which requires more attention at the beginning.In addition, the addition of Ling OS system improves the user’s car experience, which is quite good.Of course, the most interesting thing is the seats of Capgemini. The front and back seats can lie flat, and they can also become “big four” family cars, which are unique products at the same price.Having said that, how much do you think the Capgemini 280T will cost?