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In order to effectively control the spread of COVID-19, several rounds of nucleic acid testing and screening of people at risk have been carried out in key areas of Beijing since the outbreak of COVID-19, said Pan Xuhong, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and press spokesman.In addition, centralized quarantine and home quarantine measures were taken to classify those at risk, from which a number of positive cases and asymptomatic infected persons were found.During the work, the vast majority of citizens were able to understand and cooperate, consciously abide by the quarantine regulations, and made positive contributions to epidemic prevention and control.However, there are still a few people who are lucky enough to go out for activities during home quarantine, causing the risk of the spread of the epidemic.The Beijing police will resolutely investigate and punish such illegal acts that hamper epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law.At the meeting, Pan Xuhong reported 3 typical cases.Case 1: Yu xx, male, 49 years old, recently went to the southwest suburb cold storage to purchase goods, and then received a pop-up prompt from Beijing Healthbao and a notice from the community staff, requiring him to stay at home in Haidian District.Yu went out without permission during the period of home quarantine and went to fengtai, Haidian and other local commercial markets to purchase goods on January 22 and 23.At present, the person has been haidian public security bureau administrative detention.Case two: Jian, male, 32 years old, recently to the southwest suburb cold storage delivery, January 22, health and epidemic prevention department and village committee respectively informed its home isolation in Fangshan district, Jian refused to cooperate, still go out to Mentougou, Changping and other places to deliver, and on the 25th went out to haircut again.At present, the person has been fangshan public security bureau administrative detention.Case 3: Liu Xx, male, 36 years old, recently went to fengtai Wanliuyuan community activities, community staff call to inform him to dongcheng district home quarantine.On January 23, Liu went out to work in Shijingshan without permission and was discovered by epidemic prevention workers.At present, the person has been dongcheng public security bureau administrative detention.Pan xuhong said that the situation in the capital is still grim and complex, and the prevention and control work is at a critical juncture.Consciously observing home quarantine is not only a matter of personal “details”, but also related to the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in the Capital.Violations and omissions at any link will pose a grave threat to the hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention and control.Although the nucleic acid test results of these three people are negative, the “red light” must be raised on their behavior.In order to contain the spread of the epidemic and protect the health and safety of the public, the screening of people at risk of the epidemic is continuing in The city. Pan reminded people who have recently traveled to medium-high risk areas and received a pop-up message from Healthbao to report to their communities and cooperate with the prevention and control measures such as concentrated quarantine and home quarantine.In particular, during the period of home quarantine, it is necessary to strictly abide by the requirements of staying indoors, refusing visits, nucleic acid testing and unimpeded communication, and fulfill individual responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. Public security organs will also cooperate with local party committees and governments and village (neighborhood) committees to provide services to the maximum extent and jointly win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.Source: Beijing Daily Client editor: Gao Yin Proofread: Wang Yan Production: Luo Zhiming