Joint engine | 50000 people a month, will buy a luxury car?

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Hello, this is United Engines, a small auto media company teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.Happy New Year, everyone.I believe that everyone got this year’s year-end bonus during the Spring Festival, and received a lot of red envelopes.Everyone has their own plan for how to spend year-end bonuses and red envelopes.Many people consider buying a new car during this time to improve their daily travel conditions and quality of life.As we all know, every year around the New Year is the peak season to buy cars, manufacturers will also give a small New Year’s discount, it is a good time to buy cars.If you are a boy with a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan, then these three models are absolutely suitable for your high-quality car needs.Lexus LS LS as a 900,000 level of rare models with Oriental taste, since the LS came out in 1989, it has successfully broken the monopoly of the old luxury brands in this field, the car is currently priced at 870,000 ~ 1.18 million yuan.If you have a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan, LS is definitely a low-key choice in China.Of course, the sporty design of the car and the positioning of the large car make it easy to turn heads when driving on the road.In terms of power, LS is equipped with a 3.5L+E-CVT powertrain with a maximum power of 220kW and a peak torque of 350N·m. Although such power parameters can only be said to be adequate for a large car, Lexus still focuses on comfortable driving experience.At present, Lexus LS is selling 5 models, the most worthy of recommendation is the 500H F SPORT version of 1.005 million yuan. While having a whole series of unique sports suits, the 500H F SPORT version is 50 million yuan more than the Original version, which has significantly improved road accessibility and driving comfort.As the top-notch BMW car that can be bought in China at present, the 8-series is priced from 96,800 to 1,192,000 yuan for the whole series.Of course, from a face-saving point of view, we can choose the 8 Series convertible model.In terms of power, the whole BMW 8 series is equipped with a 3.0T+8AT powertrain, with a maximum power of 250kW, a peak torque of 500N··m and a zero-hundred acceleration of 5.3s. In terms of power level alone, it is definitely more than enough for a large car.One thing to note is that if you need to buy the convertible model, the target price will come to the range of 1.1 million.Among the 8 models currently sold by BMW 8 Series, if you want to buy the traditional four-seat version, you are recommended to buy the xDrive four-door coupe version of 1.0780 million yuan. If you want to buy the convertible version, the 8 series, whether soft top or hard top, are at the same price, and the first one is the version of 1.0980 million yuan.When you have a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan, and the pursuit of speed and passion, Audi RS5 sport car is a good choice, the current price of the whole system is 83.68~ 859,800 yuan, the price span is not large.The main highlight of Audi RS series is power performance. The whole series is matched with a 2.9T V6 engine and an 8AT gearbox. The maximum power reaches 331kW, the peak torque is 600N·m and the 100km acceleration is only 3.9s.This level of motivation does require users to be psychologically prepared in advance when buying.In the current Audi RS5 in the sale of 6 models, the most worthy of recommendation is 836,800 yuan version, which in the case of three models at the same price, the main difference lies in the selection and appearance of color, this requires users to choose according to their preferences, if from the point of view of face, the gold version is the most business texture of a.The above three products are recommended for New Year car purchase today. Please continue to pay attention to United Engine for more content.