Who will play in the play-offs, Japan or Australia?Data site gives the probability of promotion, China football 0.0%

2022-05-03 0 By

Japan’s 2-0 national football team is second on 15 points, while Australia’s 4-0 Vietnam is third on 14 points.There are three more rounds left, with Japan playing Saudi Arabia, Australia and Vietnam;Australia’s schedule is Oman, Japan, Saudi Arabia so who will play the play-off, Japan or Australia?Feel Japan team can not get out of the line, Asia’s strongest several teams, is South Korea and Iran, Saudi Arabia although slightly worse, but in this GROUP B to avoid the strongest South Korea and Iran, the first few games are good, now there are not a few games left, but also this group first, leading the second good points.Australia is also very strong, actually is not inferior to Japan and Saudi Arabia, if can play a good more than Japan, feel that the Japan too, lose Oman, Saudi Arabia, Japan back in the game, and Saudi Arabia and Australia can not win, even the play-offs in Japan, South American team Japan win is unlikely.”We Global Football,” a foreign data site, compiled the probability of each team qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.Data show that the probability of the National team is 0.00%, was divided in the “live in the prayer zone”.Japan are 84.01 percent likely to advance, South Korea 99.97 percent and Saudi Arabia 93.44 percent.At least this match against Japan is not scary, Li Tie’s five backs what use, the ball is completely handed over, let the other half of the attack and defense drill, we have a few big leakage spoon, is sure to be scored, but it is only a matter of time, but people look nervous.Japan’s explosive point is ITO Junalso side, the last five defenders did not defend, this time directly to Li Tie fumbled out of all denied.Don’t want to be scolded by the fans conservative ugly, and then not playing five back to play four back to attack out, the fact that the attack is really not you want to attack can attack.The High position of the Japanese closing down made our attack actually give the Japanese a chance.On defense, the back five changed to the back four, Wang Shanchao and Zheng Zheng were exposed in the side, Japan and others before the kick out of our all, which is equal to the last experience and lessons are useless, now from 0 again.This endless loop is really scary.Or give Li Xiaopeng a little more time, now the National football team is not a coach can immediately achieve results, Li Xiaopeng at least he should be a little more smooth, fans and media side are also good pass.The football association is now actively sending players out of the country, the thinking is right, but the focus should be on young players with potential and young teams with potential.Finally, I think there is a very strange movement of Chinese players, that is, they often put their hands to the sky to pray. Yan Junling and Zhang Linpeng did this before the match against Japan. Do they really believe that God can help them create miracles?