USA or Russia?Germany’s latest stance was followed by a phone call to China

2022-05-03 0 By

As the Ukraine issue becomes more and more serious, the sanctions imposed on Russia by western countries become more and more crazy.However, the sanctions will inevitably bring serious impact on the development of both countries.Some countries have also started to join the sanctions bandwagon in order to appease the United States. Not all countries are willing to go along with the United States. Germany has made its position clear.U.S. President Joe Biden has announced a ban on imports of Russian oil and natural gas.This move still makes European countries feel pressure, after all, European countries are very dependent on Russia in terms of energy, if there is not enough gas supply, The development of European countries will be a problem.Allies on the one hand, national interests on the other.Germany still has a choice.According to huanqiu, the European Commission is expected to put forward a plan for rapid decoupling from Russia on March 8. The United States is also considering a ban on Russian oil and gas, but Germany still wants to continue to import energy from Russia.German Chancellor Angela Scholz said a ban on Russian energy imports was out of the question in the short term.In fact, China once said that China and Europe are two major forces in safeguarding world peace, and sanctions against Russia will definitely have a serious impact on the development of European countries.As Russia is one of the world’s most influential countries and plays a very important role in the global supply chain, decoupling from Russia is clearly not a wise choice.It is hoped that other European countries can also proceed from their national interests and not blindly impose sanctions on Russia.The United States continues to impose sanctions on Russia and calls on other countries to join its sanctions team. In fact, these are all manifestations of the HEGEMONY of the United States, which has been trying to promote hegemony on a global scale.With the development of society, multi-polarization development has become a trend, and any plan that tries to stop the development of countries is not desirable.The Ukraine issue has not been solved because of the sanctions imposed by western countries, but is becoming more and more serious.Western countries should not interfere in the Ukraine issue and let Russia and Ukraine solve it by themselves. Only in this way can world peace be promoted and conflicts be avoided.It is time for US hegemony to end. Multilateralism is the future.Germany has made it very clear that it will not follow the United States in imposing energy sanctions on Russia.Nord Stream 2’s certification was halted because of pressure from the United States.Germany has recognised the scale of the problem and is not about to follow America’s lead.European countries should be independent in their development so as to ensure national development and progress.Some of the news comes from global Times.