Sui Wenjing/Han Cong: Across the 0.43 minute gap across the sad river

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Beijing, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) –Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Han, Wang Junbao, Le Wenwan free skating end, early savings of tears, Sui Wenjing could not help but.From missing gold by 0.43 points four years ago in Pyeongchang, to edging out Russia’s Anastasia Tarasova and Ivan Morozov by 0.63 points on Sunday night, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong sealed another glorious chapter for the Chinese ice and snow Team at the Beijing Winter Olympics with a gold medal.”This is the glory of figure skating,” said International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach, who witnessed China’s triumph again.Deserving?It’s a fight to the death!From the other Chinese pair of the short program fifth Ken peng at start, according to the results the players to play in reverse chronological order barrage refreshes the best individual season, short program only less than 0.16 SuiWenJing/Han Cong tara line of Eva/morozov the free scoring MAO on 155.00, directly than SuiWenJing/Han Cong season more nearly ten points.Sui Wenjing, who stood outside the entrance to watch her opponent’s program, began to turn around in the air wearing a knife sleeve. Han Cong, who was behind her, calmly watched her partner turn in a circle.They are not without confidence.According to the action plan, they start by twirling around, the only one in the room.But it’s a move they haven’t done in a race in four years.More than a month ago, when they were practicing publicly, zhao Hongbo, the coach, was asked if they were going to “go up in difficulty” in the Winter Olympics because their success rate of three weeks was as high as 95 percent.The melody of “Golden Bridge over Sad River” sounded, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong danced with familiar notes, stepped on the ice, slid, the mood brewing to the first high point, Han Cong grabbed the partner waist waist hands to force, Sui Wenjing flew out, rotation, weeks enough, steady fall ice!”A twist of four gives you two more points than a twist of three.”Lao Shuai Yao Bin at the end of the phone to explain to reporters.”The key moment is to see who has more courage and can grasp the rhythm more!”Zhao hongbo said.Hard work “twist four”, make up for sui Wenjing after the knot three weeks single jump off the ice flaw, spell under the technology, the state is also at the peak of the opponent.From the start of the team competition on the morning of The 4th to the end of the pairs skating on the evening of the 19th, Sui wenjing’s deepest experience was the suffering of waiting: “I really want to go on the court, to fight, to show off. I feel itched and anxious to watch others play and get cards.”But in those 16 days, Sui wenjing said to reporters most is, “everything is the best arrangement.”Fatalism?She and Han Cong, of all people, are the least religious.How many times have been said, they are not the best pair of skating partners, the boy is not tall nor strong, the girl is a little fat afraid of lifting;Girls start late, and when they try ice, they only know the basic skates.However, the two were not born with superior conditions, “hand in hand” in the second year of the first international competition became the “biggest discovery” of the season, in 2009, the two stations of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation youth group won the second place by more than 20 points.Promoted in 2010, they won three world Junior Championships and won the second place in the China Cup Grand Prix. They ranked in the top three in the United States. In their first adult season, they entered the final and won the third place.A little more than a year later, Sui won the four Continents Championship in 2012, their first Senior World series, and they went on to win the event three times in 2014, 2016 and 2017.Sui Missed the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, but won two silver MEDALS at the 2015 and 2016 World Championships. Sui has gradually become the backbone of China’s pairs skating in the “post-Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo era”.But the injury soon became two people support each other, grow up together in the experience of glaring separation.In May 2016, Sui underwent a four-hour operation to repair ligaments in her feet, followed by a month of bed rest and two months of rehabilitation on land.And Han Cong, in addition to go to the hospital every week to accompany her to eat, walk, is a person immersed in training, practice their own and then practice female companion movements.That summer, Han Cong also took Young Sui to participate in a performance. At first, he was only on the ice alone, but the choreography was still a double act. He even did a lift, a lift of one person.”At the end, I pushed her onto the ice and a lot of people were crying.”At the press conference after winning the 2017 World Championships in Helsinki, Han Cong told this story to the laughter of the audience, and so did they.Those who can’t be overcome by injuries will only come back stronger. The pair won two world Championships in 2017 and 2019 and came within a stone’s throw of a gold medal at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.And their winter Olympic cycle, sui Wenjing right foot stress fracture forced surgery for the beginning, to Han Cong’s hip surgery draw a rest, this time, in the male partner’s long recovery period, Sui Wenjing also find other combinations to borrow male partner practice, and even pull coach Zhao Hongbo practice lift.In March 2021, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won the silver medal at the World Championships in Stockholm after only 8 weeks on the ice after 13 months ‘absence.More than half a year later, they returned to the Olympic season with the golden Bridge over Sorrow River, which they skated in the 2016-2017 season, and finished on the top podium three times in less than a month, including the Beijing Winter Olympics test event and Figure Skating Asian Open on the first ice surface, and the Canadian and Italian grand Prix.The song was their first freestyle track when they reached the top podium of the World Championships in 2017. The old song and the new composition tell the story of how the “spring Bucket group” supported each other and grew together under the problem of injury.They say the original reason for arranging the song five years ago was because Ms. Sui had just suffered an injury, and Mr. Han became the ‘bridge’ that helped her get out of her predicament.This cycle, both have different injuries, each other became the “bridge” of each other.”Before I went on the court, I knew my opponent had done well and I was under a lot of pressure. Xiao Sui said to me, ‘We can do it. Our first gold medal was brought to us by this music and we can do it today.'”Han Cong said.And his response to Sui wenjing was quickly the best.”Conquer yourself, conquer all.” They did.(Participating journalists: Wang Jingyu, Wang Chunyan, Zhu Hong, Zhao Xuetong, Huang Xinxin, Wang Yan)