Sima south restricted flow?Why don’t you say association?Why did his fans object to his suggestion that firecrackers should be set off properly during the Spring Festival

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Everybody is good!Today to say: Sima south limit flow?Why don’t you say association again?Many of his fans objected to his suggestion that firecrackers should be set off properly during the Spring Festival.Since Sima Nan asked lenovo six times, Sima warrior’s patriotic action has caused a sensation in the whole country, attracting more than 10 million fans, which is really the popular sentiment of the people. However, he also said that it is appropriate to set off firecrackers during the Spring Festival, which was opposed by a large number of fans, what is the reason?We should all know that China has created the longest, most typical, most advanced and most sophisticated agricultural civilization in human history. Our traditional culture is based on adapting to the agricultural age.As a matter of fact, the Spring Festival is a typical festival in the agricultural age. It represents the worship for the arrival of spring, the revival of all things, and the resumption of food production and food supply. Therefore, it has become the most important festival in China.The Spring Festival is a folk festival integrating the old and new, exorcism, worship of gods and ancestors, blessing and praying for New Year, family reunion, celebration, entertainment and food. The form is very rich and colorful, and embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture.Among them, setting off firecrackers is a very important activity of the Spring Festival, which is said to drive away evil spirits. This is obviously a product of the era of extremely low information, or the product of the era of ignorance of human beings. It is obviously not suitable for the contemporary society with industry and commerce as the main body, especially in this extremely developed era of human science and technology.In ancient Times, the total population of China was not more than 100 million, but now it is 1.4 billion. If everyone sets off firecrackers, especially in large residential areas in cities with dozens of stories high and densely packed buildings, how can they set off firecrackers?Say again, all very not easy already ban put so long, how say again can right amount set off firecracker, how right amount, everybody’s standard is different, that not disorderly again?In fact, now many big cities are also as far as possible appropriate, such as guangzhou Spring Festival in the pearl River during the large fireworks display.So-called traditional culture, but also is the product of The Times, good can leave as far as possible, can give up, no turning back, human development must keep pace with the process of human civilization, of course it is better to lead the next stage of human civilization, such as we had invented gunpowder, but by others using the “path”, to lead the human civilization.