In the middle of the night at the beginning of the year, my neighbor had a difficult labor at the age of 27. I pulled her to the rescue at the age of 20 with a cart

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This Spring Festival, a bing, a 30-year-old neighbor who worked in another place after graduating from college, went back to his mountain village to celebrate the Spring Festival, and then brought chickens and ducks to visit me again.Although I am now 50 years old and AH Bing are neighbors, our two families are neither relatives nor the same family, and even have different surnames. In spite of this, our two families have not only been good neighbors for decades, but also seem to be relatives. For 30 years, AH Bing’s family has come to my home to pay New Year’s greetings every year.What is the reason for this?It’s a long story, because in the eyes of a bing’s parents and then gradually grown up, I am the savior of their family. It is because OF my efforts to save the life of a Bing’s mother that A Bing came to this world smoothly and let a bing’s father have a happy marriage and family.Because of this, Ah Bing and his family were so grateful to me that they not only treated me as their most trusted neighbor, but also treated me as their relative. They would come to pay New Year’s greetings to me on holidays. Because of this, the relationship between our two families became better and better!So, in what circumstances did I save a Bing’s mother’s life?The following I put 30 years ago, that big seven midnight happened one by one to tell you:When one is in 1991, my neighbor a-guang married a 27-year-old away at the age of 30 women Alan, they Alan pregnant soon after their marriage, Alan’s big belly grew up with wife, a-guang calculated the wife’s due date, should be in the big 20 days or so years ago, the result is not accurate, until the evening of big NianChuQi Alan pregnant women to prepare production.At that time, there were few doctors and medicines. When women gave birth, they just asked midwives in the village to help them. There were no medicines and no rescue methods.Because of this, in that era, many pregnant women lost their lives and lost their babies because of obstructed labor. Therefore, before pregnant women gave birth, their families burned incense and prayed for peace.However, Alan’s husband a-guang and in-laws are burned incense worship the Buddha, but the problem was appeared, and in the evening, in the big NianChuQi Alan pregnant women during childbirth, she painfully struggled hard in bed, with a loud cry, the whole family worried and helpless, the midwife who realized along the way, mother and child are likely to die in it, but there is no good solution.Facing the moment of crisis, Ah Guang and his parents were flustered, because the pregnant woman Alan was more and more painful, kept moaning and crying, such a voice woke me up while I was dreaming.Second, I was only 20 years old at that time. Although I had graduated from junior middle school and had a certain level of education, I was not promising, so I followed my parents to farm the land and herd cattle and sheep at home.But idle down, I often take back some old newspapers to read to the village elementary school, also know pretty much knowledge, and even some health knowledge I also understand, therefore, at this time I heard the noise of the people, the neighbors a-guang home and Alan during childbirth pregnant women moan and cry, I aspire to realize, if not immediately pull Alan pregnant women to hospital,Mother and son may die before tomorrow morning.So, at the age of 20, I immediately got up and went to the home of my neighbor Ah Guang and volunteered to pull his wife Alan to the hospital in town for rescue. I also told them that it was only two o ‘clock in the middle of the night, and if it was delayed until tomorrow, there would be a big problem.After listening to my words, Ah Guang felt very reasonable, because Ah Guang also knew that some time ago, there was a tragedy in the village that both mother and child died due to difficult labor.Ah Guang was very worried and promised to send his wife to the town hospital together with me to avoid the tragedy of mother and child dying in childbirth.Third, after we had these ideas at that time, the difficulty appeared again, that is, how to send the pregnant woman to the town hospital?Don’t say to have a car, be board car in the village also don’t have a few!Moreover, the town hospital is 20 kilometers away from the village, and it is indeed very difficult to pull a pregnant woman weighing more than 100 jins to the town hospital overnight.Facing these difficulties, Ah Guang hesitated!Because Ah Guang himself caught a cold and had a fever for a long time during that period, he was weak and could not find a flat car, because some superstitious people in the village, even if they had a flat car at home, were not willing to lend you a flat car to take the pregnant woman to the hospital, afraid that their family would suffer great misfortune.Fortunately, at that time I have very good relationship with a small hair, hair home just one used to do farm work platform car, borrowed as soon as I send small flat car, in the car mat with quilt, and then picked up a neighbor 28 pregnant women in childbirth Alan let her lie on a flat car, and cover the quilt, 20, I immediately rush to pull the car to make the town hospital!Ah Guang ran behind the car.The mountain to the gravel road is very difficult, although I tried to push forward, but it is difficult to go up and down the hill.But at that time, at the age of 20, I put all my energy into saving people, thinking only about getting the pregnant woman to the town hospital as soon as possible, and full of energy!Four is when I pulled the car to run forward, to the halfway, accidentally fell down to the front, straight cover was badly bruised, but I did not care, got up and tried to run forward.At that time, I also wanted to ask Ah Guang to replace me to pull the car, but I also know that he has been very weak recently, can’t pull ten minutes certainly can’t walk!If I think so, I keep pulling the flatbed and running and running!Ah Guang, who was running behind him, was panting and said he could not run any more.Although it was only 20 kilometers, I pulled the car and ran for nearly two hours to reach the town hospital. It was already 4 a.m. at this time!To the hospital, when the doctor on duty to see the crisis, immediately called the gynecologist has gone home to sleep, at that time the gynecologist is really a good man, she quickly rushed to the hospital to rescue pregnant Woman Alan.After nearly an hour of rescue, pregnant Woman Alan finally gave birth to the baby, mother and child to safety!By this time, I had collapsed on the couch in the hospital hallway, unable to move.When I heard the news that Alan and his mother were safe, my worried heart was finally put down and I continued to lie on the sofa. Until the next morning, I was still unable to move. At this time, I had to see a doctor and wipe my injured leg with liquid medicine before I could stand up slowly.Although it was very hard, after seeing my neighbor Alan and her mother were safe, I felt my hard work was worth it.As the saying goes: one good turn deserves another.That year, at midnight, my neighbor Alan, a pregnant woman, had a difficult labor. I volunteered to borrow a small flatbed car and took her to the town hospital for rescue, saving the life of the mother and son. Perhaps it was because of this great kindness that I had done that my life went smoothly:One is that Alan thought I was a good man, she went back to her mother’s home to help me find a beautiful woman to be my girlfriend, when the woman knew that I was a good man willing to help others, willing to marry me, become my wife;Second, AFTER marriage I gave birth to a son and a daughter, the two children and Alan’s difficult birth son Bing play very well, A bing is a clever, diligent child, he put my two children as close siblings, often help my two children learn to write homework.After that, Ah Bing was admitted to a key middle school and then a key university, and then he got a good job. My two sons and daughters also learned from him. Now they have both graduated from college.Third, my neighbors ah Guang, his wife and their son Ah Bing treated me as their saviour. They would send me New Year’s greetings every Spring Festival, which filled me with a sense of accomplishment.It is better to save one life than to build a pagoda of ten steps.From the 20-year-old I volunteered to use a cart to send my neighbor Alan, a 27-year-old pregnant woman with difficult labor, to the town hospital for rescue, we can see that caring and helping others often bring many benefits to themselves, and even let themselves win a lifetime of happiness.In fact, caring about helping others is equal to caring about helping yourself, not only let yourself get help from others in material care, but also make yourself richer in spirit, and life will naturally have a happy and beautiful life.