Golden shovel shovel battle: Nunu one at a time, version T1 lineup forest fighter fire, extremely unsolved

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When it comes to Nunu, what is the first reaction of everyone? I think there must be no solution. Almost every version of Nunu that exists has a three-star Nunu lineup, while the most difficult thing about Three-star Nunu is that he can beat most of the lineup just by playing the meat suit.Because nunu is big for only one notch suppression effect, so samsung nunu is a basic one, plus itself is meat containing basic dozen deathless, so there is no solution, and in the fusion rimmon version also have such a lineup of samsung nunu master c, this is the team to share with you.This squad everyone also not strange, just six forest four fighter, the squad is strong is strong in the mid and late strength is not bad, is also a squad of the chicken is very stable, and very popular before the squad in high segmentation, high rate of reason is that eating chicken no natural enemies, as long as nunu samsung will eat points, fusion rimmon in the war of the spade spade gold version, too, in the game also is not difficult,First is staffing, Nunu + tree + brat + werewolf to form four fighters, Nunu + tree + Manta +EZ+ Ice + Sky to form six forests, and finally can add a flare to form a double flare, this is staffing.Followed by equipment allocation, this squad is the main c nunu, but ice is also a large part of the team output possession, so both people and equipment needs, the first is nunu, dragon is the best three-piece tooth + technology + fanatics gun, gun without technology armor can also, nunu just need mindless pile of meat, followed by ice three-piece,The best is mercury + saber + monster kill, and then endless armor breaker bow can also be used, but mercury is a must, and finally equipment is left to the wrist, this is the equipment allocation problem.Then is the game play, we start to give priority to rob big sword, attack rate and knuckles, bring the ice equipment, because nunu meat doesn’t do people, also can get behind, and our team is the middle, so early is the best winning streak, duel, best sharpshooter, divine shield, god or scarlet chosen hero, work early to play equipment,Sheep knife, kill, mercury can be early synthetic work, the front row to see the situation to do fighter or heavy resistance, basic can ensure that the first 2 stages of the winning start, priority on the grade.Early typed in a row, and then play, mid level 6 no search card, even said that we can skip the seven to eight population search again, because our team need eight population forming, there is a wrist Howe and EZ five card two pieces, but if the transition is smooth, seven people can search in a wave, the chosen and some main found quality assurance of your health,Generally speaking, the middle six forests or fighters are very good transition, and ice even a star is also very strong, so the middle transition is not a problem.And then later, also is very later, we don’t have to consider team on nine, after samsung nunu is key, 8, of course, finally put the wrist hao to two stars, to catch up with 2 athey star, by the way, after the two thighs arrangements in place, the play straight 8 population can be stable, finally will consider pull cap way, if we do not have counterparts,You can slowly find 3-star Ash at level 8, which is the most stable way to eat chicken. If there are peers, we can also consider going on 9, after all, the 5-fee card in this version is very strong even if it is hung alone.This is probably our team play, the team’s biggest characteristic is high stability, high ceiling, high fault tolerance, and don’t lose in what to eat chicken rate hit squad, and is currently a squad of players to play the game is not a lot, so rarely appears, the squad after molding on any side of the first world war, almost no natural enemies,It is also a highly recommended lineup to play.