Geng Yanbo, a good mayor of Shanxi, has been a politician in four places all his life

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As we all know, there is a leading role “Li Dakang” in the hit TV series “In the Name of The People”. His prototype is Geng Yanbo, the mayor of Shanxi Province. He is hard-working, resolute, resolute, resolute, and dedicated to public service, creating one miracle after another, from a chorus of scolding to praise.Geng Yanbo, mayor of Heshun, Shanxi, throughout his career, starting from jinzhong, good at urban construction and governance, to a place, the development of a place, a successful place, can be said to be unprecedented, no one after, for the development of the city created a feature.Today’s people, thinking of him, all clap their hands and praise everyone, full of gratitude.This all comes from his way of being an official. To be an official is to do things for the people and seek development for the local people. This is his original aspiration and has never changed.First stop, Lingshi.Shanxi has a the wangs courtyard is known to all, lingshi county is located in shanxi static up town, is by the static litres of the wang family after the Ming and qing dynasties, through more than 300 years to build and become, including five lane six fort street, housing more than one thousand, a total area of 250000 square meters, a house is the best preserved in shanxi, one of China’s ancient “ten big mansion”, “SanJin first curtilage” reputation,The architectural art is special and the cultural heritage is profound, just like a museum.It was just such a cultural treasure house, neglected, in disrepair, in a state of decay, surrounded by modern buildings because of mixed plans. in 1993, the 36-year-old GengYanBo transfer lingshi county magistrate, before long, after in-depth research, put the breakthrough in the repair of the wangs courtyard, eventually made a surprising decision – $fifty million to build the wangs courtyard!News out, hear people are surprised!In the 1990s, the market economy had just come to life in China. Factory builders understood and built a shabby house. Nine times out of ten, those who did not understand were called “Geng Madman” by local people.So in a scolding voice, started work.Geng Yanbo insisted on always adhere to their decision, paying attention to the progress of the project construction, although this is his darkest and most difficult period as a county magistrate, but he did not back down, did not give up, still stick to it, after more than three years, poured a lot of effort to complete.Geng Yanbo once said that it is his mission to protect cultural relics.As an official, I think these cultural relics are valuable, sustainable and can be shared.”Now, wang courtyard receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, rich people, profit, inherit the culture, but also become lingshi and Shanxi a name card, it can be said to kill multiple birds with one stone ah.When people aftertaste endless, Geng Yanbo moved away.Second station, Jinzhong Yuci Yuci old city, located in Jinzhong City Yuci District, Shanxi Province, is the sui Kaihuang two years, built in the old city site, so far has a history of 1400 years.Covers an area of more than 1 million square meters, Yuci county ya, Yuci City God temple and other eight major scenic spots have their own characteristics, or north China’s largest film and television city, “Qiao courtyard” “Jin Shang” “Take the West” and other more than 50 films and television here.Geng Yanbo took office in Yuci not long, let people open their eyes again.This time, he made an even bolder decision to blow up the Lingyun Building, an important landmark in Yuci.At that time, no one could understand what he had done.But to Geng yanbo, the so-called modern landmark is just a roadblock, without any cultural heritage.After the building was blown up, Geng Yanbo will often home manor and yuci old city reintegration, only then the ancient city of Yuci.While people are enjoying the spacious road and fresh air, Geng Yanbo was transferred away again and went to Taiyuan as a deputy mayor.Two years later he was transferred to the mayor of Datong.The third stop, the ancient capital Datong Datong ancient city wall.The square wall of Datong covers an area of 3.45 square kilometers. The wall is 14 meters high and 7.2 kilometers in circumference. It has four main gates.At the same time also built moat, suspension bridge, arrow tower, moon tower, turret and a series of military facilities.As the saying goes, peace in great harmony means peace in the world, and loss in great harmony means loss in the world.Therefore, since ancient times, it has been a place of great military power and strong military color. All the dynasties and dynasties would send competent generals to garrison it.Hence the datong Ancient City wall.The construction of Datong Ancient City is another masterpiece of Mayor Geng.Geng became mayor of Datong in 2008, the most important five years of his political career.He put forward the development idea of “one axis and two cities” with forward-looking vision and action, taking Yuhe as the axis, repairing the ancient city in the west and building a new district in the east.Make one’s own home for all.In order to catch up with the progress, grasp the quality, every morning at five o ‘clock, Geng Yanbo will get up, personally came to the site, most of the time every day at the site, a pair of shoes on his feet are often covered with dust.He doesn’t finish work until 11 a.m. or even 1 or 2 a.m., sleeping an average of only five hours a day.I fainted eight times at the construction site, and went to the construction site less than five days after surgery, often with mud on my shoes.There are many more.All I’m saying is, this doesn’t look like a mayor!However, in an interview with a reporter, Geng yanbo said, “I didn’t have to work so hard. I don’t know how to make achievements at the same time.But I don’t want to do that. I just need to do more practical things for the people.”Yes, he has such a mayor, and datong in five years time for fifty years, a new capital city in the eyes, it’s a pity that the 2013 Spring Festival, a paper Posting GengYanBo come to taiyuan mayor, that morning, thousands of datong citizen on the grounds of the gate and Yang, these people pull banners, carrying photos, joint petition, “geng mayor back!With tears in his eyes, Mayor Geng left with the car.The fourth station, Longcheng Taiyuan Taiyuan traffic network.Taiyuan’s jianshe Road, south inner ring viaduct, Changfeng Street viaduct, southeast and northwest middle ring road, Jinyang Avenue, riverside east and West expressways and so on, a large number of traffic backbone network, convenient for citizens to travel, expand the urban framework.All this was done immediately after Mayor Geng took office and succeeded in the work of the people.He said he could make Taiyuan look new after three years, and he did.If you ask anyone who drives or rides on the roads in Taiyuan, you will not find anyone who does not praise Mayor Geng, saying that he has improved the roads in Taiyuan and cured the disease in taiyuan.Taiyuan, a provincial capital city, has not changed from an overpass to an expressway viaduct, from a dirty and messy city to a clean, orderly and beautiful civilized city. It takes a lot of courage and dedication.But Mayor Geng did it all.In the morning, he went to the place with serious waterlogging in the first time to direct dredging. In this way, Taiyuan soon passed the flood.At the time, we all saw it on the video, and the comments were full of likes.An official good, to the people to comment, later lingshi people, are in gratitude Geng Yanbo, Yuci people do not want to let him leave, datong people want to let him go back to dry, Taiyuan people do not want to let him retire.This is the public opinion, he went all the way, all the way miracle, all the way to rise, are changing, unchanged is still the heart, heart to serve the people, heart to seek development for the local heart, just as he said, I am not obsessed with promotion and wealth, I just want to do something.In his limited time, he did great things that others wanted to do but could not do. He may not be a perfect official, but he was certainly a good man, pretending to be a common people.Conclusion: the happiest thing in the world is to strive for the happiness of the people, with the people in mind, work for the people, and seek development for the local;Only the struggle of life can be called a happy life.Geng Yanbo is the example of each of us, what he does is the most happy thing, his life is the life of every dream pursuer.