“Double Potato” makes people laugh

2022-05-03 0 By

The Spring Festival has just passed, but people in Qiu Village are already busy.The first working day, at 10 am, dingxiang county JiZhuang town qiu village party branch secretary, director of the village committee yan-jun yu in the town after the meeting, back to the village, immediately called village “two committees” of party members and cadres to discuss research together expand the scale of the “double potato” LianZhong, plans to further expand the original planting area, formed nearly 2000 acres of planting scale.”Now the village collective has more than 400 mu of mobile land, and more than 600 mu of villagers’ land needs to be transferred.”Yu yanjun said that in order to facilitate mechanized planting, the village has carried out a plan in advance. “We will do the zoning in these days, and then we can enter the house for docking and discuss with the villagers about the land transfer.”In recent years, Qiu Village has developed facility agriculture in the form of land transfer and land shares by adopting the development mode of “village committee + cooperative + peasant household”.In 2020, on the basis of greenhouse grape planting, Qiu Village transferred back to more than 700 acres of land, and embarked on the “double potato” continuous cultivation demonstration project of potato and sweet potato. With centralized continuous cultivation, mechanical operation and unified management mode, the planting structure of the village was optimized, and the villagers’ “money bag” was expanded.”My family has more than 3 mu of land, all the circulation to the cooperative.After circulation, each mu shares plus bonus 900 yuan.”Villager Gao Junting’s “small plan” is good. In addition to the income from the land, he is also responsible for transportation in the cooperative, earning about 20,000 yuan a year.”These days, sesame seeds are blossoming.”Mention “double Potato”, Gao Junting on the face of a happy smile.Sow “earth bumps”, reap “gold bumps”.”Our ‘double potato’ has good quality and large yield, attracting customers from Guangdong, Tianjin, Henan, Hebei and other places.”Recalling last year’s harvest season, Yu Yanjun happily said four words: “two flourishing supply and marketing”, “more than 700 mu land, the average yield per mu 6000 jin, all sold out, a mu net income can have 1000 yuan.”The bell of the New Year is like a horn to forge ahead. Yu Yanjun, a group of dreamers, starts to set out for a new goal.”We need to look beyond the land at the land, beyond agriculture at the agriculture.”Yu Yanjun confidently said that, on the one hand, it will continue to give full play to its comparative advantages and actively explore the land trusteeship agricultural operation mode on the basis of the original model, so as to realize intensive and large-scale production, improve agricultural production efficiency, enhance the scale agglomeration effect, and achieve cost-saving and efficiency enhancement in one production.Continuous extension of industry chain on the other hand, focus on developing the second and third industry, in planting, processing, logistics and tourism, leisure, picking tour, on the whole industrial chain, such as more value-added, implementation main body fusion, the fusion of the formats and interests, promote the development of agricultural industrialization and rural industrial convergence, leading agriculture and rural industry transformation and upgrading, make value-added agricultural products and farmers’ income,Let village collective economy grow ceaselessly.Listening to the future planning of Qiu Village, we seem to see a vibrant beautiful picture is slowly unfolding…(Zheng Na and Zhang Yuhu)