America has run out of steam!Inflation is so high that the Fed only dares to raise interest rates to 3%

2022-05-03 0 By

The US government is suffering from internal and external problems, and the development of China and Russia worries him. The domestic situation is out of control, and the epidemic is out of control. Through expansion and the occurrence of “zero yuan purchase” phenomenon at home, the American people are suffering uncontrollably.China, on the other hand, is growing steadily.The United States can only show that inflation is taking a lot of toll.American inflation serious observers said, at present although the voice of the federal reserve to raise interest rates are high, but also dare to only 3%, inflation is serious, is the new crown since the outbreak is especially outstanding, a large amount of money poured into the world, although the world is very big, but does not allow this to happen, the world cannot afford such amount of dollars, “water can carry the boat,And the United States would drown in the flood.The US CPI hit a record 7% in December, with core CPI up 0.6% month-on-month.The United States has had record inflation, which is huge.If Zimbabwe is number one in the world, will the US be number two?The United States is not in the first period of inflation, in the 1970s and 1980s, has already happened, even more fierce, more expensive than today, but that period in the cold War, also laid the groundwork for the collapse of the Soviet Union.It’s like dollars can harvest Turkey.If dollar funds are kept in Turkish assets, it could destabilize the Turkish stock market, as it did during the 1997 financial crisis.Russia suspended foreign exchange and stopped all financial activities, and the same is true for the “tidal strategy” of the DOLLAR. Its premise is that the United States itself should become strong, otherwise everything is empty talk. According to the current situation, the United States is very weak.Despite the rhetoric of respecting human rights, the United States today is very different from the United States in the 1980s.People ‘srepublic embodies in manufacturing in the first place in the United States, the world itself is a whole, if the fed raising interest rates, so will the corresponding is the European Union, the asia-pacific region, etc., even China has to follow to raise interest rates, which are caused by inflation in the United States, if the federal reserve to raise interest rates, is bound to be affected, so there are some enterprise capital chain rupture,Bankruptcy is not unreasonable.The United States today is very different from the United States in the 1980s.It cannot be alleviated by cutting federal spending, which at $28 trillion is already weighing on America.Finally lead to become America’s manufacturing there is no way to proceed, capital profit and even industrial profits high, linked together, as long as a link problems, then, but the financial is completely different, so this will also lead to enterprise to sell assets begin to stock investment, and traditional economics in the United States is not practical.Higher taxes in the US would do little more than raise prices in the US.None of this will matter at home without a maximum tariff, but it won’t happen if a hamburger sells for millions of dollars, so the Fed’s rate hike will be 3% at best, and not for very long, or America will literally be doomed.Some sources: Defense Times