A woman wearing a kimono for a photo shoot was denounced by the public as “moral kidnapping”, and officials responded in eight words

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Recently, a video of a Chinese woman wearing A Japanese kimono taking photos in Yunnan province caused a heated debate, with the public accusing the woman of inappropriate behavior and the woman refuting the public’s moral kidnapping. The two sides of the video had such a heated argument that netizens exploded in the comments section.On February 13, a Chinese woman wearing a Japanese kimono and her three friends went to the Erhai Ecological Corridor in Dali, Yunnan province to take photos. But before she could start taking photos, a suspected worker stopped her, causing an altercation between the two.The video shows the worker claiming that kimonos are not allowed to enter the corridor and asking them to leave, to which the angry woman replies: “Why moral kidnapping?Read me the law against kimono!”The officer replied, “Have you forgotten the Nanjing Massacre?”For this, the two sides produced a fierce quarrel, causing passers-by to watch.The crowd tried to persuade the woman to go back, but she became very angry. One of the passers-by, elder sister, became agitated and shouted, “Get out of Dali!You scum!”After a fruitless argument, the four left on their own.There were two different opinions on the issue online, with one netizen saying: “It’s ok to wear a kimono, as long as it’s not in places that could easily cause controversy.”Another netizen said: “It’s a matter of national feelings. It’s not appropriate to wear such a costume in public. It’s easy to be disliked.”It is reported that the ecological corridor of Erhai Lake has become a popular spot for young people, but it is rare to see a woman wearing a kimono. Kimono’s popularity among young people has declined in recent years as hanfu culture has become more popular.According to the latest information on February 15, staff of erhai Ecological Corridor headquarters have responded to the incident, saying: “There is no rule not to take photos.”In this case, the authorities will contact the parties concerned to explain their previous actions.The official responded to these eight words by explaining from the rules and regulations that although the woman’s behavior of wearing a kimono to take photos caused some passersby’s disgust, it did not violate the regulations of the scenic spot, and it is reasonable to take photos.However, in recent years, there have been many malicious and rhythmic behaviors. Some people deliberately incite confrontation on the Internet under the banner of “freedom to dress”, and even make various inappropriate behaviors in reality.A woman wearing a kimono in Jiaxing, East China’s Zhejiang province, posed for photos on December 13, China’s national memorial Day, sparking outrage among local residents. The woman was immediately reported to police and criticized by local police.The woman claimed she was a model and did not know about the date of the national memorial Day, but only took photos for orders.In this regard, many netizens have called for a thorough investigation of the shop, that such behavior is not accidental.This year on January 3, nanjing xuanwu park also has a man wearing a day flood Cosplay costume is the masses, a big ye to persuade the man took off his robe and Japan do anime elsewhere, but the man was persuaded, was immediately took off his robe and said it would take in the hand, the big ye also put the clothes on the words “Tokyo swastika is” broken inside.In fact, most Chinese respect their own history whether they like Japanese culture or not, and the two are not in conflict.The Pain of the Nanjing Massacre is deeply remembered by the Chinese people, while Japan has not apologized yet, but has tried to beautify the history of aggression and cover up its own crimes, which is one of the important reasons for the widespread antipathy towards Japan among the Chinese people.It is true that China is a big country that is inclusive and accepts diverse aesthetic values, but that does not mean that some foreign forces can use it to incite “anti-China” and sweeten the wounds of history.Such actions will not be tolerated by China, nor will the Chinese people.Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address :jiahe202110@126.com