Women do sorry to you, there will be these kinds of performance, to cover up

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Oath also with temperature, but once two people have already become strangers, never overestimate the oath, two people’s feelings crack, oath can not block a heart that wants to leave.Many men often think that a woman is indifferent to their own, perhaps is not love yourself, but they do not know that a woman has done sorry to their own things.A person change heart from the behavior began to change, especially when the woman did sorry to the other side of the thing, there will often be a lot of different from the ordinary performance, the man should be more careful, these behaviors often try to cover up.01. Treat you a lot better than usual it is clear that a woman is usually very cold to you, often ignore you, but recently a woman is very attentive to you, and will even do a lot of things that make you surprised, women’s behavior is too abnormal, the problem can come.When a person has done something wrong to the other person, they often have the psychological compensation in their heart, they will want to make amends to the other person, in this way to get inner peace of mind.From this perspective, when a woman does something wrong to you, she tends to hit on all kinds of things.02 behavior is strange, but do not allow you to suspect that the behavior of smart woman is very strange, often find all kinds of reasons not to return to home, when you put forward doubt, but the other side but began to query you why do not believe yourself, in the face of their weird performance, but he did not allow any doubt.Show that the woman simply can not withstand scrutiny, perhaps the heart has already had a ghost, dare not lead you to this aspect, can only interfere, deliberately confuse the public, in order to cover up their behavior.03. Pay special attention to their appearance women suddenly become extra attention to their appearance, women for their own appearance, I believe that we have heard this sentence, only when they meet the person they like, women will care about their appearance.A man should not always foolishly ask a woman whether she has done something wrong to her. In fact, a woman’s behavior is the most honest when she has someone else in her heart. A woman will want to attract her partner through her own performance.4. Encounter things, like to keep explaining it is obviously some trivial things, but women always explain again and again, they hope to dispel the concerns of the other side through this way, the more and more black, in the face of women do not stop explaining, often men will think more.If there’s no evil in mind, why do you always cover it up?Perhaps what a woman is trying to cover up is something she has already done. In this case, a man should be more discreet and perhaps give her a little more time to reveal her secret.In the relationship, we should trust each other, but we should also guard against each other, especially when the woman has the above abnormal performance, men do not fool in the dark.Maybe the woman has done something wrong to you, think about what to do next, no matter choose to leave or stay is the need for courage.