What has xiangao Public civil air defense project brought?

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Recently, the information of the newly built public civil air defense project in Xiangao city has aroused public concern. Why should the public civil air defense project be built opposite Xiangao City? How should it be built?The reporter conducted the interview.In recent years, the urban construction of Xianning city has made remarkable achievements, with the continuous improvement of urban functions and the gradual rise of urban grade.With the economic development, the number of motor vehicles is increasing day by day. During peak hours, some sections of urban areas, especially around schools, have difficulty in parking and traffic congestion.The reporter learned from the city traffic police department, osmanthus square and Xianning high school entrance is closely separated by a Yong ‘an Avenue, school peak traffic congestion, and surrounding land tension, the lack of parking area, resulting in people and cars mixed, pedestrians crossing the road is also very inconvenient, the urgent need to improve the traffic environment.It is reported that the former sweet-scented osmanthus Square was xianning high School football field, and was later reconstructed by the government into the current public leisure place — Sweet-scented Osmanthus Square, serving xianning high school teachers and students and surrounding residential residents.March 11, reporters in the osmanthus square to see, the current football field due to disrepair, poor maintenance status, football stadium runway for asphalt runway, dilapidated, runway lawn barren, bare soil serious.Lack of lighting facilities in the site, insufficient security of night lighting.There is almost no vegetation in the site, except for street trees on both sides of the road, there is no ornamental plant landscape in the site.Lack of activity facilities in the venue, no children’s amusement facilities.How to build and retain the original function, increase the amusement space, move the street trees, level the road……March 14, reporters in the osmanthus square to see, has been set up around the enclosure, the square is under construction clearance.It is reported that the public civil air defense project of Xianning High School plans to invest 65.95 million yuan. It is planned to be completed for two years. The total construction area is about 8,000 square meters, including the new playground of Xianning High School, the underground crossing passage, part of the road renovation of Taxin Lane and the restoration of the ground bus station., head of the construction of the project with a rendering show introduces to the reporter, osmanthus plaza is composed of two parts function, side with the characteristics of modern city center square area, in the form of central axis, with concise and easy design language, in the square layout is symmetrical trees, and planting of xianning city most characteristic “osmanthus” as the main tree species.Because Xianning is the only “hometown of Chinese osmanthus”, osmanthus culture profound.There is no doubt that “The hometown of Sweet-scented osmanthus in China” is xianning’s “city label”.The design of osmanthus Square not only meets the needs of citizens for leisure and entertainment, but also reflects the cultural characteristics of the city. It is a postcard of the city.Osmanthus square on the other side of the original xianning high school football field function, for teachers and students and surrounding residents of the sports life to provide a venue.”The site will retain its functions as a football field and a running track, while adding play Spaces for children’s activities, landscape pavilions for the elderly, and park toilets for infrastructure.”The person in charge said that osmanthus square sports playground is to xianning High school teachers and students and surrounding residential residents open public green space, with recreation and sports function as the main function, both ecological, landscaping, disaster prevention and other functions of the urban green space.The construction will fully consider the public’s requirements for the use of street green space, and enrich the space types and activities of street green space.According to local conditions, make full use of the current situation and natural terrain, and combine with the local history, culture and natural characteristics, reflect the local characteristics and style.On March 14, a brief introduction of the project at the entrance of osmanthus Square attracted a lot of residents’ attention and heated discussion.Chen Hongqing, a resident of Taxinxiang, Xian ‘an, said, “Osmanthus Square needs to be renovated. There are few facilities in the square, and the square is outdated, unable to meet the growing cultural needs of citizens.””There are underground parking Spaces, an underground walkway, and an upgraded playground. It’s a good place for us to go for a walk and exercise, and it’s safe for our grandson to go to school through the underpass.””Lee, 65, said with great anticipation.It is reported that the project will be an underground public parking lot with about 175 parking Spaces in peacetime, but will be converted into a public civil air defense facility in wartime.Xianning municipal government project investment and Construction Management Bureau related person told reporters that Yongan Avenue is an important urban main road, congestion during rush hours, in addition, during the peak period of xiangao school and school, parents pick up students parked along the road, aggravating the congestion.The public civil air defense project not only solves the shortage of parking in the area, the current situation of traffic congestion, at the same time, the underground pedestrian passage through Yong ‘an Avenue is set up, the diversion of pedestrians and motor vehicles, improve yong ‘an Avenue traffic capacity, will completely solve the above problems.The controller introduces, put into use after the completion of the project area around parking phenomenon is reduced, and high peak and regional road traffic conditions improved significantly during the holidays, the noise of the vehicle delays and congestion, horns and exhaust emissions were somewhat lower, but also can improve air quality.”This project considering the wartime air defense in time of need, both national and people’s life and property security, and usually the need of economic construction, urban construction and people’s life, can effectively solve the problem of traffic congestion and traffic safety, is’ based on preparation, look at ordinary times, serve the society, the importance of the well-being of the people ‘livelihood projects, comprehensive benefit is obvious.”Xianning city government project investment construction management bureau said.