Three fine novels, one cyberpunk, one Howen, and one Double door

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Hello everyone, I am Shuang Ge, this issue to share 3 boutique novels, a cyberpunk, a god hao wen, a double through the door, “The Night Hacker” author: Robot WALL · E Book words: 1.49 million words in short comments: Cyberpunk + fantasy, pig’s foot through the cruel cyberpunk world……Protagonist as a past life psychologist through a wild dog (black) by the game to help oppression, want to change their own situation encountered color sound, with insight, the protagonist was taken away, was told to join the fish pond (gray organization), to do an extraordinary cowhang.In the test of extraordinary talent, just the protagonist met lorna head, with the mirror box principle of psychological therapy to help each other, then woke up the console (goldfinger), database, compiler, share three kinds of ability.The final goal of the main line of this book is to reform the world and open a new era. The group picture in this paper is full of cyber flavor and explosion. The leading role may have no sense of existence in the early stage, but the supporting role is so wonderful that you can forget the existence of the leading role.In the middle of the main character’s explosion makes you excited to explode to decompression.The class system and levels are novel, a little mind-provoking, and the plot and dialogue are fun to recommend!Two, “the richest man from the beginning of love” author: Wang Geduo book words: 1.432,000 words has finished this short review: God hao wen another peak work.There is basically no mindless display of wealth, but with wealth as a ticket to the circle and gradually move up.The plot doesn’t seem abrupt, and the author tries to be reasonable.The author jun’s writing is excellent, the writing is old and spicy, the plot characters also have distinctive characteristics, there is no spectrum this is very rare;All kinds of explosive point design old but play out of the mind is more difficult;The growth process of pig’s foot has been overconfessed, values and work patterns and rules;This paper can also be seen from the business war pig foot constantly thinking about the gradual growth and change of character description, the writing is good.Recommend recommend!Three, “from 1935 to 2020” author: half a frog book words: 1.137 million words serialized in short comments: aid total, variant double through the door.The protagonist is a person in 2020, accidentally wear to the end of the different world, and then in the different world to abduct the saint witch packed together to bring back to 2010, when the size of the wife.Then, with the help of wife Size, he uses his weakened magic power to make a fortune in the real world and become a winner in life.And then return to the other world with the little wife.Other people’s double wear is a person wearing back and forth, this variant double wear is mitosis one person into two people in different time and space.A very simple military base ride back to world War II.Had this blue army’s powerful join in, the result shandong eight road is in 1945 big counterattack when rely on oneself strength liberation shandong whole territory, more let later liberation war produces butterfly effect, advance of schedule one year much liberation.”And then the Korean War.Cool feeling, there is a story, logic, thinking aid altogether.That’s all you need to know about this book. If you think it’s a good book, remember to like it and bookmark it. See you next time