The speed skating competition of the second National Fitness Winter Games will be held in Yakeshi city in 2022

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Take the wind of winter Olympics, burning passion of ice and snow.On January 24, the speed skating competition of the 2022 Yakeshi Second National Fitness Winter Games was held in the municipal public stadium, sponsored by the municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television and undertaken by the municipal Sports development Center.It is understood that the speed skating competition, sub-youth group and the public group of 12 groups to compete, the city more than 40 ice and snow lovers participated in the competition.The event attracted people of all ages to participate in ice and snow sports and enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports.The vast number of ice and snow sports fans have expressed their feelings of ice and snow, the dream of the Winter Olympics joy.Fu Mingzheng, a member of the team, said, “I am very happy to participate in the winter Games held in Yakeshi today.At the same time, I will cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics with my own actions.”In recent years, our city positive response “to drive three hundred million people participate in ice and snow sports”, popularized ice and snow sports, promote the popularization of ice and snow sports, enhance the city of ice and snow sports competitive level, winter series of national fitness activities, to further consolidate the foundation of the national fitness, built the love the thick atmosphere of ice and snow sports, enjoy healthy life,Let more people enjoy the health and happiness brought by ice and snow sports.Reporter: Yu Xuan Zhang Yingxin editor: Li Ran editor: Zhao Zongjie final: Li Enguang chief supervisor: Zhao Huiru