Kyrie irving has the respect of the Warriors, the referees don’t make the key calls, and the Splash brothers are waking up

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What respect does Kyrie Get from the Warriors?Of course, it’s the best defensive treatment. Whenever Irving drives to the basket, at least two guys are trying to block the shot, and there’s too much pressure from beyond the 3-point line. Even if Irving calls the pick-and-roll, he can’t create a wide open space, and can only force a 3 or a long 2.The Warriors won’t give Irving a chance to shoot midrange jumpers, and it’s all long hands guarding Irving, almost the same defense durant faced in the last game.Unlike Durant, Irving had 32 points, seven rebounds, seven assists and three steals.Refereeing problems!Thompson fell to the floor after catching a pass from a teammate in the final moments and irving made slight contact behind him.To be honest, it was obvious that Irving’s hand would not have caused Thompson to fall, but there was enough physical contact to say nothing more.Nash: “At the end of the day, the referee told him that kyrie Irving’s move on Klay Thompson was definitely a foul, so he didn’t challenge it.”So Nash didn’t have the right to use the challenge.Irving also watched a replay and made it clear it was a foul on Thompson.The Splash brothers complete the redemption.Curry had five points in the first three quarters, and Thompson had seven points in the first three quarters.The only reason Curry and Thompson were so bad against a Nets team that barely had perimeter defense was their poor shooting.Curry scored 14 points and Thompson added nine in the fourth quarter.Thompson, in particular, hit a difficult 3-pointer off a pass from Curry, putting the Nets on the defensive once again.The whole game would have been lost had it not been for irving’s difficult 3 in response.Can play better is still the Warriors, Tongshen’s final free throw to officially end the game.That’s the strength of the Warriors, who were able to stay in the game with the Nets even when their two core players didn’t play well, thanks to the efficient offense of Wiggins and Poole.No matter how successful Tom is, no team in the Western Conference other than the SUNS has the guts to challenge the Golden State warriors. With their upgraded magic ball game and a top-notch shooting core in Curry, the Warriors are a formidable team.In a twist for Nets fans, Lamarcus Aldridge limped off the court on crutches after spraining his ankle during the game.Aldridge had nine points and five rebounds before leaving the court, and the Nets lost another player on the offensive end.It looks as if Darren Sharpe will get more opportunities and his battle with Clarkston is intensifying.