Dre Lecht interview: I love to do the dirty work, juve don’t care as long as they win

2022-05-02 0 By

Dutch defender Dellucht has been playing consistently for Juventus and the 22-year-old has spoken to the Guardian about his growth at the club.In the champions League first leg against Villarreal, De Lecht chose to move into position when confronted by the striker, who scored easily.For their own defense this time, Dellicht still can’t let go for a long time.”I’ve always wanted to be my own worst critic, and I know when I make a mistake,” he says.In order to grow, sometimes you have to accept that you made the wrong choice.Yeah, I could have done better with that ball.””In the past there were different types of defenders,” said De Lecht. “There were those who stayed in the box and headed the ball away, but they couldn’t set up the attack.There are those who are good at attacking but not defending.Now the trend is for all defenders to be versatile, they are fast and strong and they can move the ball, it’s a different level.”After making a name for himself as ajax captain in the Champions League in 2019, De Lecht quickly attracted the attention of a number of big clubs, eventually joining Juventus for 70 million pounds.The young defender also learned a lot in three years in Italy, which is known for its defense.”At Ajax I played in midfield when I was 15.Then I switched to centre-back and attacked from the back, but I didn’t really understand the position and what was required.Sometimes you need to clear early, sometimes you need to attack, and with experience I’ve learned to make the right choices in specific situations.””It’s important to do the dirty work, people call it dirty work, but I think it’s good.I’m a pretty old-fashioned defender in terms of heading clear and winning the fight.There are a lot of defenders who just stand there and cover space, but I like to play one-on-one and get into a dogfight.At Ajax we tend to play high defence, sometimes maybe too high and a bit risky.Now at Juventus it is more about finding balance.He has the likes of giorgio chiellini and Robin van dijk alongside him at juve and Holland, and said of the veteran juve captain: “You can definitely improve with him. Chiellini is 37 years old and he plays like a book.He knew what would happen below when that happened.Obviously he won’t be able to do that when he’s only 20, so he’ll learn a lot with experience.And that sense of awareness that something could go wrong, and the anticipation of how the opponent is going to pass the ball.I think it’s something you’re born with and I think all those good defenders have it.”The most important thing for me is to win and at Juventus if we win 1-0 and play badly I honestly think people will be happy.If you play well and lose 2-1 then you are not happy.Every team has their DNA and if you play a very high defence and lose 4-0, 5-0 then maybe it’s better to play it a little bit lower.The 2019 Ajax youth storm was led by young talent such as De Lecht, de Jong and Van der Beek. Although everyone has left Ajax, they still keep in touch, said De Lecht:”The credo is to work hard, be nice and treat people with respect, these are important parts of the ajax philosophy and these are the things I take with me wherever I go.It may seem odd to describe his youth at Ajax as he is only 22 now, but he laughs: “I’m old, aren’t I?A lot of things happened to me when I was young.There’s a lot of talk, and every little mistake turns into something big.But the most important thing is to look at the bigger picture and when you win a Golden Boy award it puts a bit of pressure on you but as a player you have to like that pressure.Because it shows you’re awesome, and it gives me space to look at things that way.”During his three years at Juve there have been many changes and coaching changes. “His greatest strength is that he understands that the game does not have to be fantastic all the time, it is all about winning,” said De Lecht, referring to current coach Massimiliano Allegri. “This is the mentality of Juventus.It doesn’t matter if you play well or not, the three points are all that matters.Step by step, we understood more about what he expected of us.”