Classic clothing beggars, mirong skills modification

2022-05-02 0 By

Recently, the official gave the second skill planning plan of classic clothing, involving the “Gai Gang” and “Murong” schools.First, let’s take a look at the official introduction: “As beggars melee fighters, we will enhance the damage of the whole world, hoping to bring pressure to the opponent’s position through the form of damage suppression.Murong is also a melee class, and we expect him to be able to disrupt enemy positions with effective multi-segment group control.At the same time, Murong will increase the automatic rebound control mechanism, so that the other line and my interpretation is more efficient, more in line with the characteristics of the other way.The common word used in the introduction is “position”, and the bold guess is that the melee faction can better join in the group battle, and charge in the pressure point.”Gai Gang” : The “Gai Gang” overhaul is preferred, increased damage.It is interesting that the ability of qinglong water, many years ago is 4368, now out of so much more blood equipment, still so, this time finally changed.Murong: The famous stunt skybreak has been increased to two seconds. with the seal of chivalry. the effect is still paralyzed for one second, but the specific effect can only be found on the test server.The two factions are very similar, blood is thick, with population control factions, way of thinking is also very good to make a special pressure point factions, but now the classic clothing style remote branches every second damage is very concentrated, very likely melee will be broken down on the road ran, if can attack the ascent of implement any effect at the same time,Maximizing damage and control with these two classes should make it more appealing for players to try!