Bangshan District Government Service Center: provide intimate service for special groups

2022-05-02 0 By

On February 16, an old man with two crutches looked around the government service hall in Bangshan District.Seeing this situation, the staff of the political service hall hurried forward to offer help and asked the old man what he needed to deal with.Mr. Shen, an old man, said, “I have come to change the name of business license. I don’t know where to do it and how to do it. My legs are not convenient.”After listening to the old man’s story, the staff took the old man to take the number and guided the old man to the corresponding window for priority management. Under the close service of the window staff, the matter was handled for the old man in 15 minutes.In order to promote the elderly to better adapt to and integrate into the smart society, and constantly optimize the elderly service experience, Bangshan District Government Service Hall has set up a “elderly care window”, specially opened green channel, to provide high-quality services for the elderly and special groups.When the elderly and other special groups enter the service hall, they only need to show their relevant documents at the window of care, and the window staff will provide them with consultation and guidance, preferential treatment without queuing and other convenient services.Helping the elderly with mobility inconvenience is just an epitome of mushan Mountain government service center serving the masses and solving the people’s worries.The staff of district government service hall always adhere to the working requirements of “doing practical things and solving difficult problems” for the masses, and firmly establish the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly.In the future, bangshan District government service Center will continue to practically close to the needs of special groups such as the elderly, constantly innovate service thinking, help special people across the “digital divide”, to bring more convenience to special groups.(Ho Jibin)