Ace of Trumps series 39-40

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The episode ends with a career and a relationship.But what I didn’t expect was that the last two episodes were mostly played at triple speed.And just as the readers of the previous article expected, this audience really want to ridicule, and can not help laughing and crying.Yes, the reason is that the direction and objectives of Exercise Blue have become increasingly obscure.Sorghum said to the hostage group to kill, Qin Hanyong and others angry attitude contrast Zheng Yuan nodded smile, this father-in-law see son-in-law more and more happy plot ZA don’t say, I want to talk about the military small public jiangnan zheng with box lunch to civilian identity on the island,Outside of a wild blitz also to have her own spirit want to verify her cloth cloth spirit named mount 2 shiny items of data, high island to see men, however, it doesn’t exist after (what a validation method was showing what ah, you said so much, after all, sets), all are high male master glorious image of the invasion and heartrending.Okay, that’s what this trophy lady is for, so forget it. I’ll take it.There are high male hero in life-and-death fight to the last moment after the order issued, from the director to the hostage group everyone looked up to him, that god, I also accept this, after all, the leading role.But from beginning to end of this exercise, the emphasis is to get as close as possible to actual combat, but exactly when close to the end, is a mystery.Logically speaking, the battle between the red and blue teams must be as close as possible, otherwise it is the performance of the peaceful disease of the Red Arrows’ song Jianshe exercise.But clearly the end is predetermined, is there any need to educate the soldiers?Nao) to jump into the sea with his badly wounded leg wrapped in a company flag?The casualty rate of the exercise is acceptable, after all, it is a simulated combat, but the casualty rate is not in battle, just for the so-called spirit to actively jump into the sea to sacrifice, is it really necessary?A near-death experience, the drama can naturally be arranged to be saved by the fishermen, but the reality of the situation under this soldier nine times out of ten sacrifice, such casualties, is it really necessary?And the soldier would be rewarded, which you can imagine would happen in real life, because the casualty rate for this exercise is out of control.The back of this exercise is more confused more inexplicable, the island of the blue army became the protagonist, the red Army seized the island became the villain.Faced the Red Army no. 2 Zhang Yuejin also glorious extremely in front of the scene to express the desire to defect to the big.This audience really do not understand, such a long exercise plot is to express what?The exercise held in 2003 has entered a new era. In the new era, the main task of the Chinese military is not to defend the islands, isn’t it to seize the islands?The question a casual viewer can ask is, why is this happening?And the second half of the exercise is all about how the island of the blue army brave fearless death, even “life and death together” even flag and spiritual symbol were also pulled to their own as a flag to protect, and the Red Army became qinlue the same villain.The audience just feel confused add ten face meng force, this exactly is trying to say what?And the core of this play is a strong army, and the whole army so many troops, compared to the special forces in the special brigade, how should also be the Red Army side of the conventional forces more representative, why in the end special brigade became the protagonist?Can special forces be representative of a nation’s army?(I don’t mean to say that special forces are bad, but I think they should not represent the whole army, but complement the regular forces.)And high male master such a guard when, is also a soldier of special forces background, how also difficult to represent the new era of army commanders and fighters, the results of this exercise is in all aspects of the foil him, the whole into his personal show.Finally hand-to-hand, gu Gao two people actually to a melee, gu also lost to high (combined with gu in front of suddenly let she send box meal on the island story, is likely to be in order to match gao Jiang, but this arrangement is very bullshit ah, why must rely on outsiders to match?), zheng bovine eye exercise doesn’t end up saying “, welcome as they fight like this, then she’ll come out on the high men crying a “let him go, you are his comrades”, two soldiers with high despite a mixed from the wild men fight stones give Japanese place after the bull ‘s-eye zheng to lead the applause, the other a few people are beginning to face to start clapping.Emma Emma, god thunder that rolling rolling rolling not over, than the big white rabbit in a glass bottle with 20 years of pulp also thunder also miracle.Especially meow, took out this antique licking face said that this is their own supplies, this pull the audience’s eyes to see if they can beg for a few drops of touched tears to the plot setting, simply speechless.Of course, ray will not be single, but in groups, and behind.The result of the following exercises arranged into high she cried and cried out, want to marry men play, at the end of the exercise, has arranged for the participation and increase big reversal of a bad marriage proposal, make seem desirable appears and finally attained perfection, but when 20 sets of men’s and women’s main or best friend, she’s on another man with hc.A military drama after the second half of the main men and women continue to tear, the last set actually also made such a singing and dancing costume drama out, it is absolutely.And there are five people seriously about drill results a person missing such serious consequences, the superior to dispose of two people, it is a place of mystery, Ming Ming nod to their brutal combat maneuvers are Jacky, communicate with the director of is Jacky, the name is meng governor nod as well, the director is recorded, have agreed,Why did they take gu Gao with them?All in all, this exercise is a mystery of countless operations, looking at the spectacular and exciting, the actual chaos and confusion, it is a miracle to be able to release.Miracle place and, of course, such as zhang fei genetic, a field of education, and only with people who had been widowed before the age of eight o life growing up a little on the show, had grown into play around like tall men a hair when the new skin two haunting like gas, on the one mouthful of a wild one “old gu”, is to want to show the new age adolescents and parents equality and freedom of spirit?(Saying that the audience is the most annoying is a TV play with lip service shake clever way to show the so-called pursuit of freedom and equality of contemporary youth spiritual outlook.Not to say that this way is not good, but that this way is rampant, a young people do not shake with mom and dad, he is not worthy of being called young people’s ethos is not good.Of course, I believe that these only exist in some mindless TV dramas, but will not be mainstream in reality.I hope the plot of these mindless TV dramas can be reasonable and don’t fool the audience.Clearly, adult audiences prefer good interpersonal boundaries, polite, courteous, modest, and good at both character and learning, rather than this kind of ostentatious and talkative guy.Sell cake, contact before and after the plot, the audience only see the failure of gu Yye education, children do not have much respect for their parents, let alone identify.Of course, the occurrence of this rare situation seems to be just one of the many leading roles of the high hero.Bigger hero halo and, for example, everyone is afraid of years to kill pig knife, high male master around the walk.More than ten years later, when gu a wild down the bags under the eyes, Xia Lin long out of the old man spot, we are wise and shenwu high male master still skin tight what grain all have no, looking at is the big boy of thirty years old.The same goes for terrorist prince.Honestly, we didn’t think we’d end up with Gorp in the final episode.Twenty years on, Prince has not aged at all.Is this the answer to the sentence “YOU don’t come, I dare not old”?When high CP end, high male master appeared in the grave before I wish grandpa, time to react, finally in his face brush out of the sense of existence.So this couple love each other is really moving, clearly is the Lord of xia Lin to hand over the token and then again sidelined, that is no problem should and normal.Can say, these two sets, all the characters, no matter in front of there is no matting, matting and matting into what, are trying to connect with high male, Xia Han CP ashes, Xia Lin humbly only in the end holding a bunch of flowers holding high male protagonist halo held necklace to comfort Han Chunyu;Small flying with the surname gu is actually the surname high (grow up with gu a wild play are not, only in the phone to come to a word, or in the high male master of the lesson);Prince must die at sorghum’s hands;Even Song Jianshe’s early retirement had to come after a big fight with Sorghum.Amazing aura of the main character, tearing up so much of the plot and distorting so many of the relationships.Gu yye only in the terrorists trying to be controlled when the devil just have the opportunity to perform, as many years ago zhang Fei, jumped to have ring the grenade top between the terrorists and the wall, he saved his comrades and hostages, more saved his own 33 years ago.This vicarious salvation meant a great deal to him.The great wound that had traversed his life and consumed all but the barracks of his youth and middle age, and the effect of all those futile reparations and rescues, I believe, was best illustrated by the wound in the shoulder that had broken out from time to time and immobilized him once it broke out.Only spontaneous, from the inner self like a seed germination weak but unstoppable power, is the real cure for any trauma.All temporary shelters cannot last, nor can they cure the root causes.Song Jianshe’s early retirement seems to be another practice of deception in order to preserve the organizational structure of his army in the process of military reform.In fact, PERSONALLY, I don’t think this is the direct trigger or main cause.The quality of one or two exercises will not determine whether a unit will be retained or withdrawn.Superior leaders strategize strategically, just do not get a sneak peak.So say cut not cut, advance not retire in advance, is not decided by Song Construction, the same is not decided by some male hero’s practice for war.Of course, it is my preference for the construction of the Song Dynasty, not everyone can do from the overall situation from the highest point of departure, because it is not in its position does not seek its politics, because the big man has something to do.As the deputy commander of the A Army Group army, Song Jianshe thought about the way out for fifty thousand officers and men, because they are not all rare military elite, not the second generation of the army, and there is no leading role halo shining.As a commander of an army, can sympathize with subordinates, advance and retreat together with them, this is not the embodiment of life and death together?In short, he is much more pleasing to my eyes than Zheng Yuan and the commissar staring at each other and talking about the seemingly brilliant but pretentious business blowing duo.He did what was in his sphere, and bore the burdens which he had borne head-on to him.And the former two sing in concert, in the whole play have undertaken what, forgive my poor eyes, really do not see, only see for some roles to seek all kinds of welfare, TSK TSK.There are some roles should be dubbing or dubbing, or even issued a decisive battle call when it sounds like the tone of a person who is not serious and used to pretend to say serious words, too illegal and too artificial.Anyone’s voice is only from the vocal cords, if there is no emotional support from the heart, then it is just a rereading machine to recite the lines, can not reflect the emotional changes in the voice, and lead to the role, which is not convincing, but also against the.As one said, the scene of everyone walking together and moving forward at the beach bathing in the sunset is not bad. Youth and ideals, growth and hope have all become the road behind us, the road in front of us, extending to the future.The rough and muddy along the way, and the pain of honor and disgrace, are turned into a little glow on the body, falling in the eyes, illuminating the front.Kind of pulled the plot back from the digression, pointed out the theme.OK, this is the end of the play.It should be noted that I am neither a military fan nor a fan, but a passer-by who has been eating melons for the past two years and simply watched the drama to support him.These reviews (non-drama reviews) are also from the standpoint of an ordinary viewer, who says what he thinks.Feel good praise, feel bad ridicule;If you think the plot is reliable, analyze the characters and plot on this basis. If you think the plot is unreliable, talk about the contradictions and loopholes.All in all, it is quite direct and frank, except for those that are not approved and modified by the platform. Basically, it says what it has.Hope the readers who have the same feeling to discuss together, don’t take others’ feelings too seriously, everyone has their own starting point and specific feelings, will be different, too normal.