2-1!Kepa saves in extra time, Chelsea advances to fa Cup, four cup tie

2022-05-02 0 By

The fa Cup fourth round continues on Sunday night with Chelsea v Plymouth.Gillespie scored in the first half and Azpilicueta scored.Neither team scored in the second half.In the first half of extra time, Alonso scored;Second half of overtime, Kepa saves.Chelsea beat Plymouth 2-1.There have been five meetings between the two teams, with Chelsea unbeaten with three wins and two draws.At present, the two sides in the strength gap, is a world of difference.However, the FA Cup is always a hotbed of upsets and United lost this time.Chelsea, therefore, are wary.Sure enough, gillespie broke the deadlock for Plymouth in the seventh minute.The Blues hit three woodwork in a row before azpilicueta equalised in the 40th minute.In the second half, Chelsea continued to attack but failed to score.1-1, go into extra time.Xabi Alonso scored in the stoppage time of the first half of extra time.In the 117th minute, Plymouth were awarded a penalty, which Kepa saved.Chelsea beat Plymouth 2-1 to advance to the second round of the FA cup.For Chelsea, this season’s Premier League title is out of the question.But in the cup, they can do something big.Fa cup, Chelsea through.Next, they will take part in the Club World Cup.In the carling cup, Chelsea have reached the final against Liverpool.Chelsea face Lille in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and are also in the running.The fa Cup, the League Cup, the Club World Cup, the Champions League, the blues four cup parallel progress.It’s not realistic to win all of them.However, Chelsea would have been successful this season if they had picked up two trophies in the FA Cup, Club World Cup and Carling Cup.After all, they were severely short of soldiers.Chelsea starters: 1- Kepa, 28- Azpilicueta, 4- Christensen, 2- Ruediger, 31- Saar, 8- Kovacic, 5- Jogenio, 22- Zieh, 19- Mount, 20- Odoj, 9- Lukaku Plymouth starters:1- Cooper, 3- Gillespie, 5- Wilson, 6- Scalell, 8- Edwards, 15- Grant, 4- Horton, 10- Mayor, 28- Kamara, 14- Garrick, 31- Jeff Court