Top IP net swims big reveal!What makes one generation better than the last?

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What is the representative of domestic fantasy online games?Certainly not the current opening of a kun, evolution is all by swallowing, not to mention the black pig carrying the coffin of the book of Mountains and Seas.It’s a legend from 20 years ago.This is not surprising, the legendary world view itself has an Oriental flavor, plus some magical Settings, so it has been well integrated into the local, from the Korean game company Wemade’s MIR2 to the Legend of MIR ii.The heyday of “The Legend of Mir II” was around 2003~2004, when legendary players were in their heyday and the game market share reached 65%, really occupying half of the industry.Legend has therefore become a generation of well-known IP and signboard, so that up to now, the Internet of various pirate legend games emerge in endlessly.It is because of the legendary fire, so will be copied, will be abused.In 2003, the sequel “Legend 3” was born, but compared with the previous version, this version did not stir up much water in China, because “The Legend of MIR ii” was hot at this time.After striking while the iron is hot, Legends 4 is a long time coming.In August 2021, The international edition of Legends 4 arrived on all major game platforms and app stores, which is a pleasant leap of time and a reminder of the horrors of the “Legends” IP, which always seems to be in the public eye.What makes legend’s influence last today?Of course, this influence is also inseparable from the legend of MIR ii, which opened the domestic market.At that time, the Internet industry in mainland China was developing, and most Internet companies such as Sohu, Sina and Baidu were also founded at that time. Good network construction and the rapid birth of netizens created a very good soil for the development of Legend.In addition, legend’s own Oriental fantasy world view, and the domestic and local traditional culture is quite deep, so players have a natural good impression of legend.With the right timing and higher-quality game content, Legend has become a hot treasure and a gateway to the online world for many players.Wemade then began to strike while the iron was hot, launched Legend 3, and also in the domestic carrier agent.A generation ago, Legends 3’s quests were harder and more interesting, the balance of force between characters was better, and of course, the servers and operating environment were more mature.However, Legend 3 came out at an awkward time, and similar to the content of Legend of MIR II, more players didn’t want to quit and try 3 again, but kept their level and interest in 2.This is why Legend 3 is not as influential as the Legend of MIR ii.But that doesn’t stop Legend 3 from making progress, and it has won many game awards, becoming the most popular and best online game.In Legend 4, the influence of legend seems to revive again from its prolonged lackluster state, and the parent company Wemade is personally responsible for the production.Unreal engine 4, film and television animation effect, 3D perspective, high-quality light and shadow rendering and model production, “Legend 4” suddenly took out all the brilliance of the current online games, it is a pity that the domestic agent, but on the international stage.On August 26, 2021, the international version of Legend iv will be released in 170 countries and regions, and translated into 12 languages.Wemade is finally taking the IP to the international stage.Although it is a mobile game, online game trend be in those days, 4 of legends, there is also a good mobile game version, and also tend to be more present popular style and content, just upgraded the siege, gang wars, “legendary” play and keep playing creatures, introduce more interesting patterns, such as colors, shakotan coast peak, magic square, etc.In November last year, “Legends 4” reached more than 1.3 million simultaneous subscribers, breaking its own record, “Legends 4” is no longer just relying on the old legend’s reputation, really hit its own day.In the future, Wemade will also launch sequels like “Legend M” and “Legend of Imir”, so that the classics will continue to spread.