The Central government’s support for Hong Kong’s fight against COVID-19 has warmed people’s hearts and boosted confidence

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently, Hong Kong has been hit by a new wave of COVID-19. On February 17, 6,107 new COVID-19 cases and 24 new deaths were reported in Hong Kong, surpassing the total number of confirmed cases in the past two years combined.Stable control of the epidemic as soon as possible is the overriding priority for Hong Kong.The central government is highly concerned about the safety and security of Hong Kong compatriots and calls for mobilizing all available forces and resources and taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety and health of Hong Kong citizens and the overall stability of Hong Kong society.The central government’s support for Hong Kong’s fight against the epidemic shows that “the motherland will always be the staunch supporter of Hong Kong in times of crisis”, just like the spring breeze blowing across the territory, greatly boosting Hong Kong people’s firm confidence in fighting and defeating the epidemic.In the face of the epidemic, time does not wait for me, but seize the day.Facing the menacing Hong Kong’s fifth wave, the central authorities and according to the specific requirements of the government of guangdong province, to send the panel to Hong Kong to assist and nucleic acid testing staff, form a tripartite coordination mechanism, build community isolation and treatment facilities, ensure the supply of fresh food and other necessities, specific solutions to the current dilemma of Hong Kong.Central deployment requirements, pointed out the direction of Hong Kong’s resistance to disease, goals, tasks and path method, has the force of surge, wind, thunder, more firmly adhere to the “dynamic reset” Hong Kong policy not shaken, it is not only the concept of “people first, life is the highest” vivid practice, also fully shows the superiority of the system of “one country, two systems” system, when Hong Kong appears not solve their difficulties,The state will certainly think what Hong Kong people want, urgent Hong Kong people urgent, full support.When one party is in trouble, eight parties help.With the aid of the state being delivered to Hong Kong, medical staff from the mainland have been coming to Hong Kong to provide support, and the state-supported “Fire-eye Laboratory” has been put into operation. Hong Kong people have felt the warmth of the motherland and are more confident to overcome difficulties.At present, There are still some difficulties in Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic work, including how to improve the capacity of large-scale testing to identify potential cases as soon as possible, and how to solve the problems of containment, strong testing, tracing and screening that have not been improved due to lack of resources.To solve these problems, Hong Kong also needs to mobilize people from all walks of life, including civil servants, patriotic and Hong Kong government organizations and chambers of commerce, to take stronger and more scientific measures against the epidemic.Only with unified thinking, responsibility and concerted efforts can we win the battle against the virus.Faced with the grim situation of new highs in confirmed cases, it is inevitable that some people’s thoughts and emotions will fluctuate.Some Western media have taken this opportunity to smear the mainland and intimidate Hong Kong, trying to drag Hong Kong into the mire of “co-existence with the virus”. Their sinister intentions are clearly evident.It is important to realize that Hong Kong is the main battleground and its people are the main force in the fight against the virus.No matter how dangerous the external forces may be, the key is for the Hong Kong people to unite as one to fight the epidemic. In particular, we must guard against the fallacy of “lying down” and “living with the virus”, and we must not let any attempt to interfere with the fight succeed.At present, Hong Kong solidarity in the society are growing resistance to disease, “concentric disease resistance, caring community” action to the social from all walks of life join in disease resistance front, the public increasingly recognize that “dynamic reset” in essence is a healthy respect for and protection of life, is one of the biggest public interests, the Hong Kong working resistance to disease of the more positive energy.With care, there is confidence;When you have support, you have motivation.I am confident that with the firm support of the Central government, the Hong Kong SAR government, all sectors of society and the Hong Kong people will work with one heart and one mind to put the overall situation of the fight against the epidemic first, not “lie down” and not complain, and will surely carry forward the “lion under the Mountain spirit” of facing difficulties in adversity and defeat the epidemic at an early date.(Author: Xu Xinyu)