Thanks to Jose mourinho, the treble winner and chaotic inter milan, Liverpool have risen again

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As from the world’s top clubs, Liverpool and inter in the race meetings were few and not deep impression, the duel between them far as the next milan and Liverpool versus wonderful, after all, is the miracle of Istanbul on the champions league final alone is enough to make milan, Liverpool two teams picked a into the history books, not to mention later milan’s revenge succeeded.Before this season, Liverpool had met Inter only four times in their history, with the nerazzurri 1-3 overall as the underdogs.The last time the two sides met in the Champions League was 14 years ago, when the Nerazzurri were knocked out by the Reds 3-0 on aggregate in the round of 16 of the 2007-2008 season.When Liverpool though the league is still able to circle the premier league’s dream, but the champions league on the red army was counting giants were happy, after the beginning of the 20th century, is not only the inter milan, even the tough extreme fear Liverpool, Chelsea for a period of time, Liverpool’s European integration has been high on Europe’s first,Liverpool were a team that was not afraid to play hard games, and with their European DNA, the Reds were very competitive in Europe.A few short years later, however, Liverpool could no longer sustain their dominance in Europe, and with a tight-fisted owner, they had to choose the right players.That is why Liverpool should thank Inter.Inter sold one of their own philippe Coutinho to Liverpool.Inter bought Coutinho from Vasco da Gama in 2008 for £5 million when he was still a youngster, before loaninghim to Da Gama for two seasons.In 2010, Coutinho officially joined inter milan, because of his young age, coutinho could not adapt to the new environment in Italy, his parents did not adapt to the new life in Milan, Coutinho did not win the coach’s trust.So two years later, Inter leased coutinho to Espanyol and, for half a season, he played a major role in the Espanyol’s survival from relegation.However, the chaotic inter team did not care about coutinho and he returned to the bench, which made him realize that Serie A is not the right platform for his development.So in 2013, coutinho joined Liverpool for 8.5 million pounds, and with the arrival of Klopp, the “potential” of Coutinho exploded. Five years later, Barcelona bought the core of Klopp’s midfield for 160 million euros.With the 160 million euros, Klopp bought the most important pieces of the title puzzle: the world’s number one central defender Van Dijk for 84.65 million euros, and the super goalkeeper Allison for 62.5 million euros.Liverpool’s title run began, with its first Premier League title and sixth Champions League.Liverpool have finally emerged as one of the world’s premier clubs after years in the wilderness.So Liverpool’s resurgence really owes a lot to Inter milan, who lost one of their superstars during their turbulent treble years.Mischievously, mourinho was to blame for the treble success he had built at Inter, which made the management look too far ahead of their young players and too impatient to nurture them.The chaos he left behind was also a big factor.As one of Europe’s biggest clubs, the story of Liverpool and Inter continues.I believe that the future meeting between these two teams may be more exciting.Let’s just wait for the show to continue!Special statement: this article by “fans big bell” original, plagiarism is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!