New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve (Ren Shujuan)

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Time flies, imperceptibly, it is New Year’s Eve, the family reunion sitting together, can not help but sigh: life is better day by day, day by day more beautiful.Remember when I was a child, every Chinese New Year, grandma would talk about childhood “boil fur coat”.Grandma is eighty years old this year. She was born in an era of extreme scarcity, when most families were very poor, but grandma even finished high school and primary school (it is said to be equivalent to the sixth grade now).Grandma said that when she went to school, there was no cotton-padded clothes and no cotton-padded shoes. She wore straw sandals to school with bare feet. Because the straw shoes were too hard for her feet, she would carry her shoes and walk in the snow with bare feet.So I particularly believe adults said New Year’s Eve to stay up until dawn, the sky will fall a cotton-padded jacket story.But when I was a child, I often fell asleep before midnight, so I never stayed up to the fur coat, but until I grew up, I still believe that kind of saying, perhaps this is the yearning of children for cotton-padded clothes.When I think about people’s lives at that time, there were no mobile phones, no TV, no electric lights, and of course, no heating. What could people do without sleeping at night?Who can stay up all night with staring eyes?My mother-in-law also often recalls the Chinese New Year when she was a child.She said that during the Spring Festival, she would follow other children from house to house to pick up firecrackers, which was especially fun for rural children.At that time, we could not eat white bread at all. Only one person could eat a little bit of it during the Spring Festival, and it was all for people who worked more. Even children could only end up with a “greedy eye”.Nowadays, children have cakes, fruits and everything. When they were little, they didn’t have enough to eat. Sometimes, they had to eat sweet potatoes on New Year’s Eve.In my generation, it is no longer a problem to eat and wear warm clothes, but when we were young, our life is not comparable to today’s.As far back as I can remember, there were homes without electric lights, let alone televisions, and with a black-and-white TELEVISION, the evening was livelier than at the theatre.At that time, children did not have snacks. I remember my mother occasionally made pancakes with scallion oil and egg biscuits for us, which were very delicious.Usually when I eat vegetarian noodles, I seldom eat rice, because rice is more expensive than flour, and I have to cook rice, which costs more money.New Year’s Eve is every child’s favorite, because in the countryside, my family raises pigs every year, kills pigs, cooks a big pot of bones, fragrant, fragrant, that taste, worth a lifetime aftertaste.Nowadays, every table is full of chicken, duck, fish, snacks and drinks. What we see and eat is unimaginable to us in the past, and even unimaginable. If we saw so many delicious foods at that time, it is estimated that everyone could have a round stomach and even could not bend over.Yes ah, people’s life is more and more prosperous, let me think of the childhood we often said that “hope the country prosperous and prosperous”, all the good has come, we in the seven bowls eight dishes of New Year’s Eve dinner, in the colorful Spring Festival Gala, recall the bitter sweet, feel the beauty of the prosperous times!