Lee Hye-ri of the popular South Korean girl group Girls Day

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Lee Hye-ri (also known as Taitae 혜 wish to wish for future future) was born at Birth on June 9, 1994 in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province. Lee hye-ri is also known as Taitae 혜 wish to wish for future future. She is also known as Lee Hye-ri.Gemini ♊ Korean singer, actress and host, Korean Girl group Girl'Member of S Day.His films include Detective Team of Seonam Girl High School, Hyde, Jekyll and ME, Please Answer 1988, The Actor, The Creature, Miss Lee, And Cohabitation with Fear.Education: Lee Hye-ri graduated from Seoul High School of Performing Arts on February 7, 2013, and later enrolled in the Film department of Konkuk University in Seoul.Lee hye-ri has the same lively and confident appearance, but also in the development of multiple fields, and has a cute and sexy double charm.She has slim legs, a beautiful figure, and a beautiful face, which is considered as a man’s fantasy.Her middle BOBO head and white blouse with folded sleeves are as clean and pure as those of a professional model.Ive in please answer 1988 plays ChengDeShan, led the audience to laugh, cry, sweet and sad, when eating and open, crazy when open, heartless smile let the audience would have identified within her as the heroine, though at the beginning of the show started with its Zheng En goh two predecessors, for comparison,However, Lee hye-ri gives a new aspect to Deok-seon in Please Answer 1988.In the drama, she wore no makeup and did not make up, but in real life, she was a sexy idol.As the youngest member of the group, her lively and cheerful personality is loved by fans and adds a new impetus to the group.(Sina Review)